Goodbye, palace-gathering.

Haven’t used real palaces more than 5 months, nor computer game maps or those made from movie scenes. The system I use allows you to easily create palaces on spot. I call it RGB system (Red Green Blue mnemonic for r30 Gavino Bateman).

In short:
Me: Idea of using little repeating stencils, that have certain small number of locations, say 2-15. They’re kind of fade-colored sketches that resemble landscapes/structures. You have specific journeys in each stencil. Similar to stencil palaces, only less detailed, you make them yourself and look them from distance - like they’re models. Also, an idea is being able to see the whole stencil at once (13 loci!), that’s why I make them myself.
Bateman: Each locus in that stencil holds an item you want to memorize. You put them so close that each time they form entrirely new background to that stencil, forming a memory palace of objects you want to memorize.
Gavino: Each locus can hold another stencil (preferrably an object that is a portal to that stencil, and that stencil is then kind of inside that portal)

Also, linking and pegs are also helpful to even better fix the images.
I wrote about it here, although from since I have changed it a bit and created stencils that are more than just “2x2 grid”.

Have even tried memorizing deck of cards with this system. It works.

I intend to write a full system-tutorial about it, but it’s gonna be very visual, and I’m not very good drawer. So, I have postponed it for months, but I’m gonna do the images soon and create separate topic for it.

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Interesting. I look forward to the tutorial.