Gonna start training my memory after procrastinating for one whole year

Day 1
•Download Anki to memorize Major System numbers 000-1000
•Add useful Anki add-ons
•Make flashcards of 000-100 numbers
•Convert Your house into a one big memory palace
I am going to kill this ugly head of procrastination which has been destroying my life for almost AN YEAR!!!
•Download Anki
•Added useful Anki add-ons


Day 1 Journal: Made mnemonics for about 70 numbers but then started procrastinating
Day 2 Journal: What a waste!!! Just studied a few cards to maintain my Anki streak… Nothing else

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I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot again. Converting your house into a memory palace should take less then 5 minutes even at a first attempt. You’re just going through painful processes and listing goals rather then starting. Not to mention you’re setting way too many and too much.

It’s as if you’re saying I’m going to get in shape by running 12 miles a day and performing 1 hour workouts. Not going to happen you’re not in shape enough. Start with 1 push up.

Make a 10 location palace a day and memorize 10 random words for a week. Then make a pao for random cards and begin memorizing decks.

Crawl before you run. You’re procrastinating for a reason.


What the fridge!!! I didn’t notice that… You are right. My goals are unrealistic. I was about to make the same mistake again… I should start small… Thanks for pointing that out to me
Day 3 (9-12-21)
Spent my whole day procrastinating but later at night I mustered up the courage and completed my 00-99 Major system images but later I figured that the PAO system is better than the major system, so I figured that I should make the images of 00-99 numbers using PAO System and the rest by using major… But later I thought about making my own memory system (I feel stupid typing this after reading Xtralargemango’s comment), And I even came up with a PAOEPAO System (Person-Action-Object-Event-Person-Action-Object)… By using this system I would be able to compress about 14 images into one loci… I spent the whole night trying to convert my technique into a real technique… Later I found myself confused about choosing a system for memorizing number. “Should I re-adapt the major system with which I have a little experience? (I was able to memorize 100 digits in 3:31 minutes once)” Or “Should I adopt the PAO system because It is fast and fun?(Visualizing happens automatically with PAO)” Or "Should I be creative and create my own? (I am a very creative person… throughout my 17 years of life I have been known for coming up with new awesome games, stories and activities. I might develop a new and better memory technique)

Day 4 (10-12-21)
After gym I opened this website and saw Xtralargemango’s comment and decided it would be better to scrap off my idea of creating my own memory system… At least for now… So I decided to create PAO system for 00-99 numbers by using major systems keys. First I would try to master those old technique, get used to them and then I would modify them to create better ones (I can’t stop myself from being creative😉). I would follow Xtralargemango’s advice and start small. So I would create my memory palace one room at a time (I know my house well so I want to create maximum pegs from it) Or I could use streets instead and save my house for later.
•So today I have to make 10 pegs
•Memorize 10 random words ( I am thinking of memorizing the meaning of some philosophical concepts like nihilism, stoicism etc.)
•Just create Images of at least 25 numbers using PAO… I don’t need to memorize them now, I just need to write them down
( I have arranged this list priority wise i.e. creating 10 pegs is my top priority… The last one is not necessary ( I want to avoid procrastinating)
I want to thank Xtralargemango’s for guiding me. I felt good and motivated after realizing that this community is active and I would get help from the members ( I had a pessimistic view for this site, I thought “I won’t get any engagement and I am wasting my time writing to ghosts” but I guess I am wrong… I hope)
I would share the journey of the rest of my day later


Although I am procrastinating by writing my memory training journey so far but I think procrastinating by writing this is better than by watching Breaking Bad memes (I still can’t get that show out of my head)… So here’s the story of how I discovered memory techniques and how they completely changed my life
My Journey So Far
I was a 16 year old boy when I discovered memory techniques (accidently) and became a confident and ambitious man from an insecure, awkward and anxious boy I was used to be known as. I discovered that “I could learn anything” and It was possibly the most exciting discovery of my life. I wanted to learn more about my brain and I was curious about finding my maximum potential. I started reading books, and it became a favorite habit. I started training my memory passionately. I was very excited to show my parents my new abilities, I kept my training secret and thought of surprising my parents with my abilities and make them proud by doing good in studies. After getting good at memorizing numbers, words, concepts and the calendar, I thought it was time to reveal my memory powers to my parents. I thought my parents would be proud of me and when they will discover my potential they will help me achieve my dreams of changing the educational system (I hate Pakistan’s educational system), In order to that I needed to be a stronger person. I always prayed to god to make me stronger, I don’t care about money wealth or power… JUST MAKE ME STRONGER!!!
I thought I would become stronger out of the blue…
But little did I know… God had plans for me…
The day on which I revealed my memory capabilities to my parents was the worst day of my life and It was the biggest mistake too
I wanted God to make me stronger but I never could have imagined that he would make me stronger by turning my own parents into the biggest obstacle in my way.
When I showed my parents my memory feats… They literally started scolding me on being involved in these “useless” activities and started lecturing me on focusing on MY STUDIES INSTEAD!!!
I couldn’t believe it, I spent a month training my memory so that I could make my parents proud and they are like “Go Study!!!”… I was broken… For my whole life, my parents were the only people I trusted and they made the decisions of my whole life… They chose my cloths, my school, my snacks, the things I would buy from my pocket money and even my friends… I was completely dependent on my parents
But after that I realized that I should be more independent and instead of pleasing my parents (which I think is impossible to do because they have useless expectations from me) I should focus on growing myself into a stronger person.
It was not easy
I was very lonely… I was an introvert, had no friends and nobody to confide in and I hated my parents
I stopped training my memory (having no one to guide, appreciate and motivate)
I developed bad habits like sleeping late
I was completely lost
I tried committing suicide twice and the only thing that kept me from committing suicide was the hope that I can make a difference… That I can give the next generation a better educational system
In board exams of higher education I scored 82% (which might seem good but in Pakistan people even score 100%, bad education system, and scoring 82% was considered poor) even though I expected to top the board exams
I failed the MCAT tests later
I figured I should study psychology instead… Because I love it and It will have a great use in the future…
But again my parents were the biggest obstacle… They thought psychology is for “girls” and that I should study “Accounting and Finance” like my father… And I hated that subject… I am a man of science… I belong to the lab… Not to a boring office (and especially not in the same office as my father)… Eventually by using pear pressure from my entire relatives they managed to manipulate me into studying English
But later I started reading about the AI revolution and figured that AI is the best subject for me. By studying AI I would be able to secure a good job (My parents concern) And even achieve my dream by developing AI teachers (My main focus)…
So I managed to persuade my parents for AI by using psychological techniques (I wonder why didn’t I use them before???)
Now I have started training my memory again… this time with full secrecy… I can’t risk being demotivated again… My goal is to be consistent and post everyday on this website… I hope you guys would keep motivating me
BTW On exactly this day 10-12-20 last year I discovered these life changing techniques… Even though the last year has been my loneliest, saddest and most difficult year of my life, I can say this was the best year of life too… I learned a lot… I mean A LOT!!! this year… It has been a strange, long, and amazing year for me so far


Day 4 (Continued): Went to mosque to offer Jummah prayers where I made 10 pegs for my first memory palace. But I failed to find time to memorize those 10 things (any 10 things) this time I was not procrastinating.
Later at night I filled 40 names into my PAO system.
It was not the most productive day but at least I didn’t procrastinate today

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If youre serious about memory training then creating a 00-99 PAO should take an hour… 00-99, make 52 of those and assign them into cards and begin training cards. 6-12 decks a day and you will be below 2 minutes in 1-2 months.

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what is that?
I have a google presentation with images for 00 to 99 in series of 10; it will save you a couple of hours.
Darn: when i hit the reply button, I get a notification “You can’t add url’s”. What the heck? Do you know anything about that?
These series or number are useful in my life.
I’ve got them in an anki deck of cards.
And I’ve started copy/pasting to each number, where I meet that number in my work life / number I want to remember. That way the number starts to get a real meaning in my schema: in my life that number means, that, that and that.
It’s building some schema around every number.

So your “Major System numbers 000-1000” - for me I split those up in 2 sets of 2 numbers e.g. 9681 = the image for 96 and the image for 81

All the best in everything!

Thanks Bud!!!

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Start with simple things to memorise.
Preferably things that are useful to you in real life.

  • credit card number

  • long password for home wifi

  • if you travel a lot out of the country, your passport number

  • telephone numbers ( really use of your PAO ).

  • I memorised Pi up to 100 digits behind the decimal point just to prove to myself that my 00-99 number system in conjunction with a memory palace can work. It did.
    You can pick something else to memorise like that. Just one thing like this gives you a lot of confidence in the techniques.

  • Then you can step it up a notch:
    For example I wanted to learn \ memorise useful information about my family.

Using their bodies as a memory palace.
This is my system:
I stored their name ( practice for learning strangers names) , national ID number, DOB, passport numbers, license number ( if they had a vehicle ) on specific parts of their bodies.

  • Images that represented their names would go on their heads.
  • Images that represented their DOB would go on their chest
  • Their National ID number would go along their left arm
  • Their license number would be on their right arm
  • Passport number ( immediate family only ) would be on their right thigh.
  • Their main cell\telephone number on their left thigh

I did not try to do this all at one time I took my time and enjoyed memorising this stuff bit by bit. Now I know it, and the list of people is increasing with time.

The idea is basically to do it bit by bit, but consistent. It stays manageable, and with each accomplishment you get better and more confident, while never getting over whelmed.

Looking forward to hearing of your progress.

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I have started a new post called “The Boredom Apocalypse” where I update my progress daily… do read it


Good luck!
-Many Athletes to play with over at Memory League.
-Or you could always form a team with someone, and playing together with others, too keep your commitment :slight_smile:

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