Giving a particular theme to memory palace

Hii there,i am trying to memorize 4 books,in which i have memorised 1 of 3 ,now i want to give each book(in my case each book have different palace) different theme,so that i dont get confused. Can anyone suggest me something ??

Why i am giving them different theme ?
Answer: bcoz the numbers are repeated in every book, and i have limited no. Of image for same number !!

Thnks !!

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You could just grab a theme of the book and build your palace around that theme.

However, if each book already gets its own palace, why do they need different themes? If it is only the numbers, maybe you could work on a larger system?

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Thnx for ur reply,can u plzz tel me more of how can i work on a larger system ?

Most here use systems like the major system or dominic system to build themselves a number system for 00-99.
A post on numbers can be found here:

Have you also taken a look at the free content on our resources page?


Yess i know this,i have already created images upto 700​:+1::+1: thnks

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