Give some virtual memory palace ideas

i’m using virtual memory palaces for couple of months. i use rooms from movies or tv series or from google…commonly i use rooms…now,i think theres too many room made palaces…i need something different types of loci ideas…

How about distictive game character? Or maybe self-draw abstract art?

Sci-fi character as a palace? Pacific rim, transformer, alien, spaceships?

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thanks for your reply pacozaa. But how a game or sci-fi character can be a palace?
are you experienced with these particular ideas? I mean,isn’t it hard to make a character as palace… :

Pick out individual parts of the object. For a humanoid figure you could choose head, left shoulder, right shoulder, left elbow, stomach, right elbow, left hand, pelvis, right hand, left knee, right knee, left foot, right foot. For ideas you can use Popular 3D models - Sketchfab or other 3D model search engines.


At the end of the day, all mnemonics are the same old relationship between a place and idea. LIA (location, imagination, association) keeps being the only way imaginative artificial memory works. Everything is the method of loci, the method of places. All images are places, all places are images. Even abstract images, as emotions, which you can’t visualize yet you feel them and you can associate to them many ideas or images.

Object palace

This has been discussed previously here: Boris Konrad soap bar place XD

In a nutshell: imagine an object, select loci on the object and gg.

Body method

I talk about it more here: [People Method ([Advanced Level] The People Method - Bodies as Memory Palaces)

In essence, the body method consists of using your body or someone else’s body. Consider that a body is something we look a lot, and they are very different, a single small feature makes someone look very unique. Advise: make sure you’re visualizing a different body when intended. For instance by mistake I wanted to use Anne Hathaway for the task but I ended up visualizing a completely imaginary person with no face but with woman’s hair… a dummy. With it I memorized Invictus by Henley. It was just for experimentation.

I consider this one, difficult or requiring lots of precision and focus.

Image Palace

More imaginative.

  1. Consider your topic and visualize an initial image to encompass everything you plan to memorize. Like a schema image.
  2. Use that image as memory world or memory palace, don’t select loci, rather freely imagine but making associations, after you create visual-idea association then look at where it is, and that’s it’s loci.
  3. Once you’re done memorizing, you can use the images as loci for more related information. Don’t use non related, unless you’re doing a thought generation or innovation exercise.

A loose version of this method


Runescape is honestly the best virtual memory palaces you can use - its so fast to create palaces

explain please…