Giordano Bruno’s books on magical memory

Hi, according to Frances Yates Bruno wrote two kind of books on the art of memory some magical and others that are made to memorize.
So my question are the magical books on memory supposed to teach magic or are they supposed to teach the art of memory but they just follow less the rules of the ancient greeks and romans.

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Bruno tends to dive into the philosophy of magic and the universe whilst giving hints to techniques or ways of memorizing. It’s because he thought those memory techniques were not for everyone, but for the ones who are capable to find the patterns and riddles he put forth in his writing. But he has books specifically for memory with magic notations and philosophy on the side, such as; On the Shadows of the Ideas, Song of Circe & On the Composition of Images, and Thirty Seals & The Seal Of Seals.

Please correct me if I have mentioned some something incorrect.