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Hello everyone again, I’m very interested in learning the American States but I want to remember them in map order if I was looking at a picture without the state initials printed on it I would be able to point at say that’s Washington DC.

I started a while back with a method of splitting it up into 4 squares so the first one was Washing DC, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska and then making a story and placing it on a location such as kitchen or gym etc. My story was like Washing dishes with oregano, some splashes up into Ida or eyes of dad etc.

Any recommendations ?

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Breaking it up into sections is a good idea.

When I used to stare at the map on my wall, I would break it up something like the attached image.

For an SVG version that can be edited with Inkscape, click the map below.


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Thanks for the map, as I would like to mem the states too. Any advice on order?

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One idea is to go from left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

Example, with images:
Washington (George Washington), Oregon (gold ore), Nevada (slot machine), California (cauliflower)

Idaho (Ida with a hoe), Utah (salty lake), Arizona (Grand Canyon, or a phoenix)

Montana (mountains), Wyoming (Winona Ryder), Colorado (crayons - colors), New Mexico (mariachi band)

Maybe something like that…

It looks like I accidentally deleted the label for Kentucky when I colored the map, but it’s the one right above Tennessee.


I memorized the US states in alphabetical order using the system on the left.

Go to:
Mnemonic for US States

This webpage above shows you how I set the symbols up for this task.

Using the map from Josh’s comment (above). Adapt the symbols to the map. Try to include color coding. I haven’t done the states by map myself. Only alphabetical order. But I can recall states from “a-z” or “z-a”
or recall every second state from beginning to end. Then every second state from the end to beginning using the symbols. It works well.

Under Memory Systems & Techniques in this forum go to: Mnemonics,Mnemonic Peg System for a lesson using the symbols.


This site has some ideas on making a mnemonic for a state:
Mrs. Jones Room. Learning the 50 States and Capitals.



I like the Mrs. Jones link
I am going to use it for my 9 year old twins
They go over states and capitals for fifth grade
I also want to have a visual image for each state and capital,
so thanks a ton!