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I know this is an Extremely basic question, but is there a starting point/tutorial on the usage of this software? I’ve been gone for awhile and I got the notification that the pre-orders were available and just signed in to check it out.

Have you seen the Guide? If you click on your username in the top right of the page (while in the software), there should be a link in the dropdown menu there. We’re working on more documentation. Please send feedback to [email protected] and we’ll add instructions for anything that isn’t clear.

It took me a fair bit of searching to figure out the Guide was under the user account.
I had to search and find this posting. It might be better under the Tutorials or as it’s own item on the menu.

I am just playing with the major system and the darn “aVoCado” doesn’t sit well with me. I have something simpler and cruder in mind.

For imagery that we supply do we simply link to our own dropbox/onedrive etc for imagery?.


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If you add the public memo set to your personal memo sets, you should be able to delete any of the images and then upload your own image (or just copy/paste it into the web page).

The delete button will look like this:

The screenshot below is from a different memo set, but you should be able to find an image-upload icon in the cell like this:

Then upload or copy/paste an image in:

Thanks found it. Copying over images and word that make sense to me now.

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