General thoughts / ideas / advise please

I am seeking advise / ideas / thoughts on how I should go about memorizing this.

I am studying for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), and plan on taking the exam MCSA 70-740. My notes so far:

So far I have made the column “To memorize” (Blank color) as a more compact form of what to memorize and plan on making them into flash cards. The problem as I see it is that the information will be in a disorganized manner, not connected to anything, and forgotten. I want to have the information in a organized manner which I can review and see the “connection” between things.

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I think the notes document is private at the moment.

It should be fixed now, sorry about that.

So far I’ve been trying to memorize it by rote but I have a terrible memory so it’s very slow going and it’s not organized for reviewing later.

As a half-asleep amateur:

My first thought is creating a new Memory Palace for this information. Things you want directly connected are in the same room. Then in viewing the room, you review the things connected immediately and together.

You have to treat the rooms as potentially non-linear, though. It’s easy to fall into the trap of just running the sequence of a route around the room - that makes it exactly the same as the Journey Method. The advantage of a room is that you can look between two things in it out of sequence, and potentially add something that connects one to the other. The overview of the room can add to your understanding as you connect the ideas of what you “see” as you think in that “space”.

Connecting things between rooms would rely on a story link, I think. Something happens to the object that leads to the object in another room.

So overall, because it’s in rooms, you can review in a linear fashion, or you can review the room to see its connections between items in the room, and use story links to lead to other connected rooms.

Your flash cards would then act as semi-randomised reminders on top of that strategy to ensure you can achieve “random access” to the information as well as being a standard reviewing strategy.

But remember: do what works best for you. Some make good weight lifters, some make good distance runners, both can earn medals - work to find and use your own strengths.

Hope that’s helpful! :slight_smile:

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I’m currently using a artificial memory palace similar to the RGB system by r30 RGB System

A circle, with a center piece for which section I’m on, and the circle is split into eight parts with each part having a person-object-action image for what it’s about. Each image is connected to the next image via a story, and finally the image is compacted into one “overview / birds-eye-view” by making no distance between the images/objects.

After that I rote memorize using the method (can’t remember what it’s called) where you learn one sentence at a time, then when adding a new sentence you repeat the previous ones first.

Artificial Memory Palace > Section (center Image) > Topic (circle split into 8) > Rote memorization of text / words.

… If you need more room you create another outer circle split into 16 spaces, and so fourth.

One more suggestion: have you tried the “Feynman Technique”? It helps me when I feel like information is going in one ear and out the other.

Interesting suggestion but it looks like something you’d use later in the game after you’ve memorized the subject. I do speak / vocalize / sub-vocalize when I’m rote memorizing as it seems to help, which might be similar.

I have already compacted the subject into a concise manner and am now further compacting removing any information I deem unneeded to memorize. I just have the problem that the amount of information I need to memorize sometimes looks / feels too great, but I will continue for a week and see how I do.