Gardening for anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression: why doctors are prescribing gardening rather than drugs

Summary: Exposure to nature has been shown to help improve depression and anxiety symptoms. Many mental health professionals are recommending patients spend time gardening as a therapy. The main treatment benefits may be seen when a person enters a community gardening project, which helps develop social and cooperative skills, as well as providing support for those with mental health conditions.

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I haven’t done a lot of gardening, but nature helped me a lot.


I know that this post is old, but as someone that has recently developed an interest in gardening and has begun growing her own little indoor garden; I can attest that this is true.

I still do take meds for my mental illnesses and my ADHD, but I feel such joy and zero anxiety when I work on my plants. Also, gardening, imo, is a nice alternative to the “owning pets to give responsibility and a sense of schedule” that articles and others tend to recommend for people with ADHD.