French tutorial on memorising maps

Hello friends,

I found this video where a guy named Jean-Yves describes his method for memorising maps and plans, memorising the Paris metro as an example. Memorising maps is a subject of great interest to me lately, but unfortunately I don’t speak French (hopefully that will change some day). Maybe somebody can watch the video and describe the method he uses? is he using a journey for each metro line memorising stations along the way? What does he do for intersections? How does he memorize the general layout? The explanation blog post has an interesting map at the top that seem to indicate that there are some landmarks and regions of the city involved.
I’ve been thinking about encoding maps and it’d be interesting to compare ideas. (Although I was more interested in larger scale maps, like that of the country, but streets of the city would be very interesting too)
Of course I’m not asking for full translation of the whole video, just a general direction and maybe some tricks and ideas he uses. Merci!

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Urfin, he suggests to create a living character for each of the 13 lines (someone you are familiar with.) Then each stop is a locus, an adventure for that character to go to. (just twist the station’s name to get an image)

He then says to link successively the adventures (stations.) At intersection, he simply creates meetings of the characters. In a nutshell, that’s it. Bienvenue.


Thank you very much, Simon. I’ve been thinking up some methods of remembering maps, but this method will be a nice addition. I also found the way to contact the author, I’m sending him any additional questions I’ll have. Maybe I’ll try to memorise some small map to see how it goes (although I’m currently concentrating on the numbers).

18 months later, but I stumbled across this post as I was researching ideas for memorizing the NYC subway. Did you learn anything interesting form the author of that video? And did you have any success implementing any particular approach? Thanks in advance.

I never tried his approach, but it worked for him (even if he’s forgotten almost everything after that, because he has not used it after the end of his challenge).
So you can try :wink: