Sometimes software can be buggy, especially when configuring it for the first time. If you notice the forum software doing anything weird, please post a comment below.

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@Josh ! Waves

I liked the maximum amount of people today, but I am not getting the medal badge award thing. :angry::rage:

Thanks for the feedback. What exactly are you seeing, and what would you like to be different? Is it the badge notifications? (The site is dynamic, so I don’t have the exact same interface or notifications as non-admin users.)

Feel free to post a screenshot of the annoyance or email it to [email protected].

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The website says I have used all my daily likes, and the badge page says that if I use all my likes, I should get the badge for doing that one day. Though I dont get the badge :frowning:

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Oh, sorry about that. The badge might have gone into a task queue that will apply the badge at midnight UTC. If you don’t receive the badge in five hours, let me know and I can manually apply it. :slight_smile:

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