Fast Verbatim memorization technique for memorizing long term(Included in this Post)!

I have created a technique in which you need to choose a word from a sentence

Ex- He is a ****Good Man.

(Here we chose a word great).

Expand the suffix of that word (God)

Expand the last part of that word from its beginning (od-Pod)

Create an image from those two words (An imagined God using a Pod)


When recalling the words recall the picture(s) and walk around that place in which you kept your images as you need to use a place in this method and remove the additional alphabets that were not the part of the beginning and end of the word in order to recall that sentence.


Faster than learning for meaning which is faster than learning word for word without this method.

I learnt 4.5 paragraphs with this method with out completely reviewing all of them untill I made a mistake by reviewing a whole sentence and even though I learnt those sentences about 20 minutes ago without a full review I remember them in order verbatim! and if I can do it with not extremely very good scores in the Memory League then so can you, I am at Level 6 in Memory League in Number Memorrization and I had started playing in the Memory League 2 Years before and in gaps of about 2p days on Average(According to my estimate).

Fast Results(I had tried this method only once and I still got that result of being able to memorrize 4.5 sentences of a Grade 10 textbook the first time without making a mistake.),