Export or print a system?

So, I have made a millenium system using the Art of Memory Software and added images to most pegs. I’m using the software to learn the numbers, but I’d also like an option to train offline, perhaps even from paper or PDF.
I know it’s possible to export a system to the clipboard and paste into e.g. a spreadsheet. This is a good start, but unfortunately this is not copying the image itself, only the link to the image.
As a workaround I tried to print to PDF/paper, this might work but as I’m using groups, I need to print each and every group separately which is a bit tedious as I also want to clean up the PDF by removing document headers, page headers etc. Once a group is created, it seems not possible to delete it without deleting the content as well, otherwise I’d be able to move all pegs in one big system making it easier to print all of them.

So, can I somehow export the content of a system, including images (at least thumbnails), to another document (spreadsheet, PDF, etc.) without too much work?
@Josh any ideas?

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It may take some time to look into how to do that, but in the meantime I can try to create a temporary solution.

Are you able to paste the exported memoset into a spreadsheet and at least organize your groups in the spreadsheet? If you can do that, you can copy from the spreadsheet and paste into this temporary page. If that page displays your data correctly, you could then use the browser’s print function to create a PDF.

(If you don’t see the option to print to PDF from your browser, let me know what operating system and browser you’re using, and I could look up the instructions. I’m using Firefox on Linux, but it might be different with other combinations like Chrome, Safari, Brave, Edge, Windows, or Mac.)

For best results, delete the first lines of text on the memoset export. The results will update in real time. You can then print the resulting table to a PDF file by using the browser’s print function.

If it doesn’t work for what you’re trying to do, let me know and I can change the functionality and/or try to come up with another solution.

On my computer, I’m able to print a PDF like this, using landscape mode in the print settings:

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This worked out of the box for Memo Sets, but for Systems I needed to add the tag <img src=" in front of each URL (and closing with " />), used concatenating in Excel, so quite easy.
Your solution helps me a lot to get a better overview of my images, already spotted two pegs that have images that are too similar.
I hope you can keep the temporary page for a while, I have still a hundred or so images to add to my millenium system.
Anyhow, thx a lot for your efforts!

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I can leave it there indefinitely (until there is a longer-term solution). If it would help I could add code to turn those raw links into <img> elements.

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Yes, it would indeed be of help, thx!

I’ve just added a quick checkbox that you can click if it’s a system. It’s a bit rough, but I can try to improve it soon.

If it doesn’t work for your task, let me know and I’ll see if I can fix it.

This works perfectly, thx!

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