Examples of using senses other that touch and sight?

I have mainly used visuals and touch to help me remember something, be it through a story, an association, or all of the above through a memory palace.

Is anybody regularly using hearing ? Taste ? Smell ? And if so , can you share some examples, some concrete use of them?

I am constantly looking for ways to diversify my experience and could use some inspiration from my fellow memowyzers and memowyzerin !

I have Neil Diamond in my PAO, so whenever he’s in a location I add a sound that either action or object adds to the scene because of the his song “Beautiful Noise”. Got a couple more singers and actors that adjust their catchphrases to the action or object in the scene. Not too many though because it’s only natural with a few certain ones.

Not for general memorization of digits or things, but wine tastings you would. This might be an interesting read about how to apply that: https://winefolly.com/review/blind-wine-tasting-grid-pdf/

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That is very interesting, am trying to develop the use of audio, this is helping. Ill try using a song brought up by what I need to remember.

Sweet Caroline!

P.s I had chosen Neil Diamond also! But Neil Young would appear instead of him and I eventually gave up on poor Diamond and Young is right up there as 94 brushing Nefertiti s hair with his harmonica.

That’s okay… I got Dr. No from James Bond as an image but it’s actually Dr. Evil form Austin Powers… as long as you translate it back into the correct number it’s all fair game.

Maybe this might help:

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Beautiful! You have just replaced my years using Nefertiti with this woman!, you Inception!! Beware all Bjoern is an inception agent!!! Nice!

I have used both taste and smell before. As for hearing it is pretty much overused for me. I would say overall its hitting a 50/50 split with sight.

In order for me to use taste and smell I have to visualize what something would smell or taste like. I find that if I do this I can actually smell/taste whatever I am visualizing though not as intensively as actually experiencing it.

If I integrate all senses to make 10 imaginary loci . . . testing . . . :
Definitely feels more realistic, recall to objects can be done by smell or taste rather than walking through the journey. Feels a bit strange to taste or smell a memory but I guess its doable. Seems more ‘fun’ but I am not sure if it greatly helps on recall. This is tempting me to make a smell/taste system.

I seem to interlink the smell and taste more to the objects and sound to the environment on default.

I was actually going to share my loci but when I started typing them up I sort of wrote a story of eating nice food and strolling across while somehow having tea, so I will restrain on that.

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If I were to build my number system today, Diamond wouldve survived, but I was just terrible at finding tricks at first. Today Id simply had placed that Pulp Fiction “youll be a woman soon” unforgettable scene and a piece of that wouldve been my 94, saving Diamond from extinction.

I am intrigued, what your smell/taste system would be like?

For remember ing smells and taste or using smells and taste to remember, say, numbers?? Very thought provoking for me.

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Funny… even though my PAO for John Travolta involves a giant needle and an overdosed Mia… as far as acoustics, I always get “Sandy” from Grease when he’s in a location…


Well, hindsight is 20/20… I’d have probably chosen something Grease, Saturday Night Fever, or Staying Alive… but somehow the most memorable thing at the time was that giant needle. Some images do get updated over time though… like the Dr. No and Dr, Evil thing mentioned earlier.

I haven’t replaced many Ps over there years but for some their As and Os have changed a little… I don’t think systems have to be 100% static… I mean, we evolve and get a different understanding of our system’s characters… and they also evolve, a Paul Newman in The Hustler is different from a Paul Newman in The Color of Money… even though it’s basically the same character.

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