EuroComRom - The Seven Sieves: How to read all the Romance languages right away

Table of Contents (in English):

Has anybody read this book or heard about it? I’ve picked it up a couple of days ago and find it quite interesting. The idea is that you can “make sense” of texts written in various Romance languages if you are at least somewhat familiar with one of them.

They introduce seven sieves (see TOC above) throughout the text. First one is basically if you look up [City Name] in a dictionary, you already have a certain expectation as to what you’ll read there, so you can piece a few things together from context that are basically “internationally” understood. Then it goes into similar vocabulary in Romance languages, the similarities in sentence structure, some common pre- and postfixes, etc. Always with a sample text in one of the languages as an example.

Anyways, if you’re interested in this kind of stuff or speak a Romance language and figure you wanna have a look as to how much of an effort it would be to learn another one using this approach… see if you can find a copy somewhere.

Seems there is/was a website for it too, but there are a bunch of broken links. Looks like it started as a university project that ran out of funding. EuroComprehension - EuroCom Transfer inventories. They also list EuroComGerm and EuroComSlav there, using the same/similar approach with Germanic and Slavic languages, respectively.


That looks interesting.

I already have the book, I started reading it. I am a native of Spanish language, I will experiment with it and I will comment on it in the future.