Englewood Academies Team at the 18th USA Memory Championship

Here’s an article about one of the teams at the upcoming 2015 USA Memory Championship: Englewood Academies Students Ready For USA Memory Championship

Students from the Englewood Academies will compete in the 18th Annual USA Memory Championship on March 29 in Manhattan. The competitors, known as “mental athletes”, have been training intensely with memory coach Frank Felberbaum a.k.a. ‘Mr. Memory’.

In 1997, Frank Felberbaum, President of Memory Training Systems, trained his first group of Mental Athletes from Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, New Jersey to compete in the first USA Memory Championship. Since then, Mr. Felberbaum has successfully trained 18 teams of students from BCA in 18 years to apply their new found skills to this highly competitive and mind bending annual event.

The Englewood team will be competing against an [all-female team] of seven freshmen from the Bergen County Academies, the BCA Brainiacs.