Easy one... help with better images for a few Major System numbers

Hi, this should be a quick one.

I’ve rote-memorized major system images for 00-99. I am generally satisfied with my images, but I have a few weak ones. I’m wondering if you might have some better suggestions?

I mostly use nouns, but anything with a strong image works, it doesn’t have to be a noun. I also use a few “looks like” images - 11 looks like a pair of skis to me. And I also have a few people, such as Bill Maher is “34”.

59 - numb
24 - winery
26 - nudge
38 - movie

These aren’t horrible. I can think of images for all of these - but they are weak. I remember them, but I have trouble encoding with them.

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59- labia
24-Nero (imagine him fiddling surrounded by flames from a burning Rome)
38-Mafia (a 30s Gangster, fedora, suit, tommy gun)

Yes I have a nasty mind, although I didn’t think them up https://major-system.info/en/?n=38

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Oops, I typed 59. That was a typo, I meant 29 for “numb”.

I like your 59 better than my “lap/lab” anyway! Nice one. Dirty is good.

Nero… huh. I think I’ve seen a bust of Nero, but you don’t really need to know what he looks like - any guy in Roman armor and a burning city will do.

Also, I’ve seen and used several major system generators online, but I haven’t used that specific one. It seems quite good.



I use it more often than thinking up Major’s for myself, so far its never let me down…so…far

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muffin for 38?

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nappie for 29?

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neurology - 24 (see a brain)
box of NUGGETS - 26

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For me:

59 - lab (a scientific lab)
29 - nib (the small golden nib of a fountain pen)
24 - honor (I imagine a Ph.D.)
26 - nacho
38 - movie (I image a large cinema theater with its smells of popcorn, perhaps with your favorite (or least favorite) movie playing)

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The online word generators are good. But this is better!

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A few more ideas:

29 – nopales, [door]knob
24 – narwhal, Narcissus, narc
26 – nosh, niche
38 – Humvee, maven

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anyone want to share their list in full?

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I love Humvee, that image practically jumps out at you. So iconic!

I’ve been mostly sticking with words that only have the exact major system consonants. I didn’t do this because someone told me to, I just kind of assumed it would be easiest. Josh, do you ever find that having extra consonants, like NaRwhaL (245) ever messes you up? There is a 5 hanging off of your 24! And Narcissus has several extra 0’s. Or is it something your brain easily sorts out?


Sure. If you don’t have a sister, “00 = sis” won’t work to well for you. And, of course, things that aren’t based on the major system consonants are interesting. Nelson Dellis suggested “Satan” for “66”, but 66 simply does not make me think of 666.

0-9 images that look like the numbers
0 pill
1 stick
2 swan
3 euro coin (looks like a backwards 3 to me)
4 sailboat
5 snake
6 ladel
7 boomerang/arrow
8 hourglass
9 balloon

00-99 major system, mostly.
00 sis
01 seed
02 sun
03 uncle sam
04 sewer
05 sole (in shoe)
06 sewage
07 james bond
08 safe
09 soap
10 toes
11 skis
12 dozen eggs
13 bad luck: upside down horseshoe, black cat, walking under a ladder
14 tar
15 doll
16 touche (fencing)
17 tack
18 tough (The Hulk)
19 tub
20 nose
21 blackjack
22 nun
23 numb (I think of someone in a dentist’s chair)
24 winery or nero
25 nail
26 nacho
27 nuke
28 knife
29 knob
30 moose
31 mat
32 moon
33 mummy
34 bill MaheR
35 mail
36 match
37 mic(rophone)
38 mafia or muffin or humvee
39 mop
40 rose
41 rat
42 hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy green face
43 ram
44 roar
45 rail
46 roach
47 rock
48 ref
49 rib
50 lasso
51 light
52 line
53 lime
54 fishing lure
55 lolli (pop)
56 leech
57 lake
58 leaf
59 lap, labia, lab
60 shoes
61 shoot or shot
62 chain
63 chum
64 chair
65 jello or gel
66 judge
67 chick
68 chief
69 sex position
70 kiss
71 cat
72 cone
73 gum
74 al gore
75 coal
76 cash
77 cake
78 cave
79 cap
80 vase
81 vat
82 fan
83 foam
84 fairy
85 veil or vial
86 fish
87 fog
88 fief (a lord standing menacingly over his peasant farmers)
89 fob (keychain)
90 bus
91 pot
92 pen
93 bum
94 pear
95 bull
96 bush
97 buck
98 beef
99 pup(py)


23 gnome. 24 wiener, winner, Norah, hanger, Henry, Norway 26 - hinge , inch, winch 38 mafia, muff

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Thank you for the list and advice

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For me, 26 is nacho, 38 is mouth.


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Harry Lorayne’s peg for 29 was Knob. It’s tough to go wrong with his words unless/until you can find one better (for yourself.)

He only has a very few awkward or weak ones (to me.)

And of course dirty is good. There is no requirement to share ALL of your mnemonics with everyone you meet :slight_smile:

We all know that weird, outrageous, exaggerated, dirty, naughty, disgusting, stupid, funny, wonderful etc. mnemonics work better than mundane ideas.

Even if you can’t speak them in church or where the HR department might hear. :innocent:


29 - nab, nap, nape, nappy, NBA, nip, nippy, nope, honeybee, neap, neb, newbie, nib, Niobe, nub, nubby, Nubia, unhappy, wannabe
24 - anorexia, anywhere, honor, inner, narrow, near, new year, nor, nowhere, owner, enure, Henry, honer, Honiara, honoree, honour, inhere, inure, naira, nary, Nauru, Nehru, Nero, Newry, Nora, Norway, unaware, unwary
26 - enjoy, eunuch, honcho, hunch, inch, niche, no-show, Anjou, Enoch, haunch, Honshu, nacho, Nash, Nashua, newish, nosh
38 - Mafia, mauve, move, movie, mph:, muff, Humvee, miff, miffy, Mohave, oomph

I used a service https://major-system.info/en/ which helps in finding words according to Major System

Now coming to my set of words for these numbers

29 - Nip
24 - Neera
26 - Nacho
38 - Mava

I create words based on sounds and many of my peg words are multilingual taking sounds from any language I know (Marathi, Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali)


59 - Lucille ball - Leap (Pogo Stick)
24- Nar- Spanish for Pomegranite
26- Hinge - Door Hinge
38- Movie - Pop Corn

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Sorry about the spelling. You will get the idea.

1- Tie - Neck Tie
2- Noah- Noah’s ark
3-Mow - Lawn Mower
4-Row - Row Boat
5-Lawyer - Justice with scale - Reese Witherspoon - Legally blond - Joe Pesci
6-Joy- Joy dish washing soap
8-Fee - Tax accountant or a clip board
10-Toes - Fred Astaire or Shirley Temple - Tape shoes
11-Toad - Actually have a friend Todd with a chainsaw for this one
12-Tin Man - Wizard of oz
13-The Machete- Spanish Character
14-Tire- Goodyear guy
15-Tail- Skunk - Pepe Le Pu
16-Dish - Change to ET because the 6 kind of looks like ET - This number was trouble for me before
17-Tico- Tico the squirrel from Dora
18-TV- Johnny Carson
19-Tape - Duck Tape
20- Noose- Saddam Hussein in a …
21- Net- Changed a lot - now it is Spider Man
22- Nun - Whoopie Goldberg sister act hitting everyone with a ruler
23- Knome- Travelocity Knome
24-Nar- Spanish word for pomegranite
25-Nail - Large nail
26- Hinge - Door hinge
27- Neck - Giraffe- focus on neck
28- Knife - Rambo and his Knife
29- Knob - Door knob
30- Moose- Bullwinkle
31- Maid - Rosie from Jetsons or French Maid
32- Miner- Old type minor with pick axe
33- Mimi - Lady from Drew Carey’s show
34- Mirror- Witch from Snow white with a mirror
35- Mail man - Mail carrier or mail box
36- Match - Book of matches or a torch - Michael Jordan
37- Mug - Maggie from Simpsons or a Coffee mug or Maggie from Walking Dead
38- Movie - Popcorn or Mummify (Think of an Egyptian mummy)
39- Mop - Joe Dirt with a Mop
40- Rose or Axel Rose
41- Rat or Quiet Riot Singer with a hockey mask on
42- Rhino
43- Ram
44- Rare - Raw Streak in a package
45- Rail - Superman bending a steel rail around his neck
46- Roach
47-Rake - Garden rake
48- Roof - Bundles of roofing shingles
49- Ruby - Wizard of Oz ruby slippers
50- Lassie the dog or girl named Leslie or both
51- Larry David, Sewer lid
52-Lion from Wizard of Oz
53- Lamb Chop from kids show
54- Lure- Fishing lure or Pin Head from Hell Raiser
55- Lily - Lilly Munster from the Munsters
56- Leash - Use a Gimp with a dog leash
57- Larry King or Lock (Lo Jac)
58- Lou Ferrigno - Leaf Blower
59- Lucille Ball - Leap (Pogo stick)
60- Cheese (Sponge Bob)
61- Cheetah - Cheetos Cheetah
62- Chains
63 - Gym - Lat pulldown machine with drunk Jim from Taxi
64- Shower
65- Shell
66- Judge Judy
67- Iron Shiek Wrestler
68- Chef for Rattatouie
69- Ship - Black Pearl
70- Case - Brief Case
71- Cat - Felix the cat
72- Coins - Huge water cooler jar with lots of coins in it
73- Comb- Large hair brush
74- Car - Dukes of Hazzard General Lee
75- Coal - BBQ Grille
76- Cage- Dog cage
77- Cake - Birthday cake
78- Coffee - Coffee Pot
79- Cap - Skipper’s hat from Gilligan’s Island
80- Fuse - Huge electrical fuse that emits sparks
81-Fat - Fat B’’’’ from Austin Powers
82-Fan - Standing fan
83-Foam - Fire Extinguisher or Shaving Foam
84-Fry - Ronald McDonald with French Fries
85-File Cabinet or old time filling station gas pump
86- Fish or Randy Macho Man Savage
87- Fig
88- Barney Fife with a pistol
89- VP - Changed this to Darth Vader at some point VP of the Empire
90 - Bus - Ralph Cramden from Honeymooners on his bus
91- Bat - Baseball bat - Lucille from walking dead
92- Bones - Skeleton puppet
93- Palm Tree- Pam Anderson - Gave up and now this is just Pink Panther for me - it works
94- Beer bottle or keg
95- Ball - Big Spikey yoga ball
96- Peach - Peach fruit or Peach from Mario Brothers or Bitch
97- Pig - Porky Pig
98- Bee Hive -
99- Popeye the Sailor
100 - Daisy Duke