Dutch section of the forum

We’ve added a Dutch section to the non-English section of the forum. Do any Dutch speakers here know if this wording looks correct? (It was translated with Google Translate. :slight_smile: )


Dit gedeelte van het forum is bedoeld voor het bespreken van geheugentechnieken in het Nederlands.

Looks about correct!

Time to assemble the wooden shoes to memorize some windmills!


The Dutch are probably the only nation on Earth who won’t find memory techniques for language learning useful or needful! By LAW every Dutchman is required to speak at least 3, and preferably, 5 languages with native fluency.

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Very true…

To be exact, Dutch, English, French, German and a language of your picking, usually italian or spanish. Given that we count Fries, Limburgs and Brabants as being Dutch.


One of the things that floored me coming from a mono-lingual culture (England) was how ‘normal’ the Dutch considered being poly-lingual was and living a stoner’s throw from the border with the Netherlands (Emden) I got to know a lot of ‘Clogs’…often the sort of relatively ‘uneducated’ Dutchmen who congeal around the less salubrious parts of Groningen. Yet all seemed fluent in several languages and were puzzled I should find this in anyway impressive. In England speaking anything more than a ‘vooo lay voo coo shay avek moi sherry ’ school boy French was considered impressive in a freakish sort of way, as something to be admired and yet wary of somehow. Who knows what funny foreign habits and thoughts one might acquire speaking something other than English? Dear God, one might even end up eating frogs’ legs…heaven forfend!
Only other nation I have encountered with such a nonchalance in regard to their poly-lingualism are the Israelis. As an old Rabbi once said: “My Granddad spoke Yiddish at home, Polish with his neighbours, German with the Lord of The Manor and Hebrew with God”.