Doubt on major and dominic system mix up

Please try to understand my question
Im using major system but converting numbers into imges similar to dominic system(for example 11 into Donald Trump , i think which is a mix up of dominic and major system)
Is it right or wrong?
Should i continue it and create my own PAO list using this mix up technique
What is disadvantegs of this mix up later?
Please give me reply

Where do you think there is a mix-up there? The consonant for 1 is t/d in the Major System and you’ve used this consonant for Donald Trump… so where is the mix-up with the Dominic System?

In major system we use first two consonants for making words
But i used them for two different words in my example
( for example 11 would be TeDdy bear according to major system)
Is it right?

That’s not accurate… you can decide to use initials as well as syllables if you want to… there is no hard rule that it has to be the next consonant. Also consider cases like “station” where the second “t” is a 6 and not a 1 because it is spoken more like a j/sh sound and the Major System is phonetic.

There is no right or wrong here… you need to be able to translate back and forth between numbers and images.

If you have indian pao list please provide me

You have to create your own list of things that are memorable to you specifically… I don’t know what kind of experiences you had in your life and what persons you may or may not be familiar with… there is no point in memorizing someone else’s list if you have to look up half the people in their PAO because you are not familiar with them. Also if by Indian you mean Hindi then I suggest you use Katapayadi System instead of Major System.

But im ok with english and it is more easy than katayapadi system and i have invested much time in major system
And their is not sufficient material about katayapadi system and not a forum similar to “art of memory”
If you have suffiecient guide line about katayapadi system than give link for that

Then go ahead and use the Major System to create your PAO list… what do you mean by “invested much time” then if you are asking for someone else’s PAO list… how far along is yours?

Actually, there is lots of stuff… you just need to google it. Plus, what exactly are you looking for? It works just like Major or Dominic, only that you use this mapping table instead:

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रानी = 20


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Katapyadi is the best system for Indian people.
I think you are not practicing this system.
You want only well performed system
But it is wrong, My suggestion is that You totally don’t copy any system
Try to making your own system
Arrange katapyadi symbols in different manner.
Then it will be the fantastic advantage.

First we need to make updated katapyadi system
Not old katapyadi system
Because it is very time consuming
So when we make this system more useful then it works very faster then other system.
If you not believe then try to practice katapyadi.
I also made updated katapyadi system for me
that can help me lot.


That sounds interesting. Can you describe your system with a couple of examples?


My dear indian
Please give me a example of katapyadi
system so that i can understand

Where i can learn our indian katapyadi system
Any guide or book or matter (help kr do agr ye jada aasan h aapke hisab se)

Isn’t there a table for the mappings and an example above already? Which part don’t you get…