Dominic System

Hi there, please tell me if this is in the wrong group as I’ve just joined.

I’ve been studying memory palaces and all things related and I’m trying to put that into practice but need some Guidance on the Dominic system and PA system.

Is there a way of doing a memory palace specifically for remembering the names and numbers in the Dominic system, I’ve tried to do this however I’ve got myself completely confused and don’t you think I know enough about it.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated
Thank you in advance!

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I’d be much easier for the people here to help you if you could be a bit more specific as to how you got yourself “completely confused”…

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Hi there, sorry the lack of clarity, i was wondering a couple things…

  1. can you create a memory palace for the Dominic system, if so how would you go about it? And if not how do you remember the names that correlate with each number

  2. how do you create an imaginary location/memory palace as i thought you had to know the place/route like the back of your hand
    Thanks x

Hi Bluemoon, Yes, you can absolutely create a palace for the names. I had to do that with mine, and I still use it today for some of the less frequently used numbers in my day to day life.

Because this information would be frequently used, I decided to place the names in the one place I knew the best, which is my house. So example, when I first open the gate to my yard there’s a tree outside where I’ve placed Olive Oil from Popeye (00). I also have the characters performing their action or exaggerating their main characteristic. So Olive doesn’t really have an action in my head, instead, she represents someone who is very tall and slender.

How do you create an imaginary location?

In general, try not to create an imaginary place, but as an alternative, you can for example do the following;

I am a customs broker and need to remember Tariff codes for particular items, for example, the Tariff heading for motor vehicles is 8703.22.90, so when I originally put this to memory, I simply took the first image that came to my mind, which was the port where the cars are stored and I put my characters for 87 & 03 there. This method can also be used for remembering the names of things in different languages.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you might be interested in this page: How do I memorize a mnemonic number or card system?

(Scroll to the bottom of that page for some related links.)