Dominic system or major system

hi i am just about to learn the domonic system but i just thought i would check on here first for the pro and cons of both the domonic system and the major system? and which one would you guys class as the better one?

cheers kieran

See the how to memorize numbers for an explanation of the differences. If you are undecided, I would recommend the major system. They are basically the same result in the end, but I think that the major system is a little more versatile.

Are there any other systems that expand on the major system, e.g. using more sounds or letters of the alphabet? I know about the ben system, but are there any others?

i’m looking into the major system and i find it more confusing lol

Take a look at the major system and history of the major system pages, there might be some ideas there.

I used the Dominic system. I already had the letters of the alphabet associated with numbers and so it was natural for me to use Dominic’s encoding.

The Dominic system is pretty good, but the main downside to it is that each image consists of a person and an action. It just gets repetitive after a while. I prefer the Major System because it’s a little more interesting.

I have tried both the systems and I feel that Major System works better for me. I shifted to Major a few weeks ago and I am faster than I was with the Dominic System (trained for a few months in that). There is no ‘better system’ though. You can try both and see which one works better, takes some effort but its worth it.

Everyone has their own preferences. If Major is too complex, you can choose to use Dominic. If Dominic is too boring, you can use Major. Or any of the other systems for that matter.

This is the system I use:

I think major system is better
It is my opinion someone like Pao also