Dominic System - my list first 50

The first 50
00 Obelix, eating a wild boar
01 Asterix, wearing feathered hat
02 Buddha, cutting his pony tail
03 Christ, holding a cross
04 Dali, painting a sailboat
05 Erasmus, holding a scalpel
06 Seneca
07 James Bond, wearing a tuxito and drinking wiskey
08 oliver Hardy, swinging a wood plank
09 Neo
10 Maradona, using his hand to score a goal
11 André Agassi, swinging his racket
12 Andy Bolton, performing 1000 lbs deadlift
13 Al Capone, shooting tommy gun
14 André van Duin, playing with his fingers
15 Albert Einstein, writing formulas on a chalc board
16 Arnold Schwarezenegger, riding a motorbike
17 Alec Guinness, wearing a cap drinking a guinness
18 Adolf Hitler, holding his right arm up
19 Anna Nicole Smith, kissing
20 Barack Obama, holding a banner yes we can
21 BA, adjusting his chain and cracking his knuckles
22 Bugs Bunny, eating a carrot
23 Bill Clinton, pointing his finger
24 Bob Dylan, playing his harmonica
25 Bernie Ecclestone, popping bottle of champagne
26 Bart Simpson, riding his skateboard
27 Bill Gates, programming a computer
28 Bill Hicks, smoking a cigarette
29 Brigitte Nielsen
30 Conan O Brien, adjusting tie and swinging his hair
31 Christina Applegate
32 Christian Bale, riding batmobile
33 Charlie Chaplin, bending his cane
34 Charles Darwin, studiying a beetle
35 Clint Eastwood, lassooing
36 Claudia Schieffer, walking on the catwalk
37 Che Guevara, wearing beret with star
38 Captain Hook, hooking
39 Chuck Norris, performing roundhouse kick
40 Dominic O Brien, studing deck of cards
41 Dan Akroyd, ghostbusters, using his machine
42 David Beckham, kicking a free kick
43 David Copperfield, pulling rabbits
44 Daffy Duck, spiting while blabbering
45 Dwight Eisenhower, firing cannon
46 Donna Summer, holding discoball
47 Danny Glover
48 David Hasselhoff, running on the beach with his lifecraft in the hand
49 Duke Nukem, shooting rocket launcher
50 Edward Olomos

Thanks for sharing this list.

Youre welcome.

I memorized and was able to recite the list altough some took considerable time to recall.

Just a comment,
I notice you have,

Al Capone, shooting tommy gun for 13. I think you might end up in a pickle. ie. I think you might get confused whether you are referring to Tommy Gunn as a person or as an object. You might want to change this to a non person. And by the way, good work thanks for sharing.

Since youre not yet done with H, I think you might find mine helpful. Mine is here

Where is the list?

Sorry, it was missing due to a bug. I’ve just restored it.