Dominic System Help

I’ve been working on developing names for each of the letter combinations in the Dominic system for awhile now, looking off lists online and such, but I still cannot for the life of me come up with anything for the rest of these combinations…can anyone help?!


OA Quaker OAts Guy holding out bowl
OC Oliver Cromwell
OH OH OH Meg Ryan in Harry Met Sally in the diner
ON ONAN the masturbator?
BD in Doonesbury comic
CB Charlie Brown and Snoopy
CC Charlie Chaplin
CG Charles Goodyear
CH Chick Hearn Laker’s basketball announcer
DO Yabba Dabba Do Flintstones
DA Doublas Adams Hitchhiker writer

you sir are a wizzard

and I can’t spell…

Some more ideas:

DE - Dwight Eisenhower
DG - Danny Glover
DH - Darryl Hannah (mermaid?)
DN - David Niven (Pink Panther)
EE - Eeyore
EG - Eva Gabor
EH - Evander Holyfield
EN - Ed Norton… or “E-N” sounds like “Ian”
SE - Sheena Easton
SG - Angus Young (plays a Gibson SG)
SN - Snoopy the dog
GO - Georgia O’Keefe

JOsh’s wiki has some of the best resources I’ve seen for this:

A few more ideas based on your updated list:

NA - Neil Armstrong
ND - Neil Diamond
NG - Newt Gingrich

One method is to go to and start typing in things. Google will suggest names. It also works with the Wikipedia search box. Screenshot below – to find “NE” names, just type in a name that starts with “n” and then an “e”.

Neil e
Nathan e
Nancy e
Nora e

Yep Yep I did that for a solid two hours. I’ve got most of them down just a couple left…trying to find people I’m familiar with and if not then I will settle with randos

These are the names I use:

OC Oliver Cromwell loading a musket
ND Neil Diamond singing “Crunchy Granola Suite” (holding a muesli bar)
NE Captain Nemo staring out of the Nautilus submarine window
SE Seven Eleven Apu (Simpsons) crossing out the expiry date on food items
NG Nigella Lawson sucking her finger
EH Edmund Hillary waving a flag on top of Mt Everest
DH Deboray Harry singing “in the flesh” (in the nude)
ON Oliver North testifying in court
DN David Nivel wearing dinner jacket and holding a balloon
GN Greg Norman swinging a golf club
HN Horatio Nelson standing at the wheel of the ship
NS personal association - no one else has offered a famous name!

In my Dominic System, 96 (NS) was Nancy Sinatra walking in boots.

(Now she is 232 in my Ben System.)

ND- Napoleon Dynamite
DH- David Hasslehof
ON- Orange Narwhal

Filled in the blanks with my list. Once you get towards the end of your list, you tend to find that it becomes harder to find exact names to fit.

However, I may add that I plan to convert my Dominic system to a full PAO, it is up to you but I would consider upgrading during the inception of your system rather than do what I did.

Anyone have any ideas for AA? =/ I got nothin

I use the image of Andre Agassi smashing a tennis ball!

Good old Neil Etheridge, the Fulham second reserve goal keeper. Well, it’d work for me!

Adam Ant
Adam And eve.
Anthony Anderson

I remember the basic Dominic system with the old school alphabet song (the tune that ends with “LMNOP” smashed together). Sing “ABCDE”

then S instead of F (they are similar fricative sounds.) Then G (like in the real song).

Then H and NO. NO make “no.” H NO as in “hell no!”

The Dominic system is basically the alphabet with S instead of F up to G, then hell no!