Does anyone using The Shaper System + PAO?

Hello everyone I’m from Brazil! First time here.

I have been preparing this list for a few weeks now but I find some difficulties with some gaps. Could you share your ideas too? Any idea is welcome.

:arrow_right:My list

Thanks to @Erol and @QiJitsu

Note: English is not my mother language…

2 digit shaper makes my eyes cross lol. Here’s what I came up with though.

04 Black Mage (Shaper)
08 Snowman (Shaper)
23 Michael Jordan (Jersey Number Association)
44 Spy vs Spy (Shaper)
48 Coconut Bikini Girl (Shaper)
50 Superman (Shaper)
55 SS Soldier (Shaper)
66 Granny with Spectacles (Shaper)/Satan (666 Association)
68 Professor Farnsworth (Shaper)
77 Fem-bot (Shaper)/Gambler (777 Association)

78 Diver (Shaper)
88 Ice Climbers (Shaper)/Jesus (888 Association)

Thanks so much @wonder!!

you’re welcome, gl with the pao

and a correction I meant Professor Farnsworth for 68