Does anyone have mnemonics for all 21 PLL algorithms?

Does anyone have mnemonics for all 21 PLL algorithms?


I did it about 2 years ago. The time when I first recite the PLL algorithm. I simply change the letters into digits R=18, U=21, L=12, D=04 F=06, B=02, then for inverse (’) I remark it as 0, and for (2) I ignored it as BB = person02, action02.
About the small case letters <I added with 50>, r = 68, u=71, d=54, f=56, b=52.

But I also have to say because of practice. Eventually, I had learnt the PLL by muscle memory. What I am trying to tell is that my above method is useful when I don’t know the algo, and once u learnt the algo and keep using it, u won’t need to visit the memory palace for PLL. Cuz muscle memory helps alot.

Sorry to say but what are you trying to do with this?

It is even difficult than muscle memory.


:joy: My bad, i will elaborate on it. Remembering the PLL formula is equivalent to remember a string of digits, also equals to a few images.

for instance

RU2R’U’ … = 18, 21, 21, 18, 0, 21, 0
For me in PAO system is Sarah(18) spins (21) a pen (21). Then, Sarah (18) do tai chi (0) with a big feather pen (21) in palm.

If you don’t know about PAO, u can search in this forum.


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Well , I think alg.4 is easier and better.

It’s totally t-perm. (Only need to swap the part of t-perm)

T-Perm - [ RUR’U’ R’FR2U’R’U’ ] RUR’F’

J-Perm - RUR’F’ [ RUR’U’ R’FR2U’R’U’ ]

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It’s just personal preference but I can try, thanks.

Just drilling the algs is good enough, having mnemonics is an overkill.

Most of the algs are easy to understand if you break them in groups of 3-4 moves, which are called triggers.