Does anyone have a list of Famous Characters/People?

Hi. I’ve just started getting into advanced memory techniques and I’m looking to create a Major PAO system.
My letters are:
0 - s/z
1 - l, looks like 1
2 - n
3 - m
4 - r
5 - f, 5 starts with f
6 - b, looks like 6
7 - k
8 - t, 8 ends in t, resembles 8 because an overlapping 8+t would have only 3 points
9 - g, looks like 9

My list so far(lots of League of Legends characters as placeholders because I played it a lot in high school):
02-SoNic rolling around a loop
04-SoRaka healing a banana
09-ZiGgs bombing a tower
10-LiSa Simpson playing sax to Homer Simpson
15-Monkey D LuFfy extending rubber arm into wooden barrel
16-LeBlanc Cloning herself in front of a mirror
17-LuKe Skywalker spinning lightsaber in front of stormstrooper
19-LuiGi- Ghostingbusting Boo
22-NuNu throwing snowball at blue golem
34-MaRio jumping to save Peach
38-MewTwo mutating to become Mew
39-MeGa Man shooting blue lazer
42-RoNald Mcdonald flipping(with spatula) hamburgers
47-RoCK Lee doing taijutsu on Might Guy
57-Gordon Ramsay yelling ■■■■ at raw scallops
60- BuZZ Lightyear flying into Jupiter
61-BiLL Gates programming a computer
62-BoNo wearing(eyewear) orange shades
66-Bugs Bunny eating( carrot
67-BaCH composing music
70-KiSS doing the the sign of the horns and playing guitar
71-KooL Aid guy breaking through a wall
72-KeNNy McCormick making muffled speech to Randy
73-KiM Kardashian taking a selfie of herself
74-KiRby sucking in a Waddle Dee
77 KaKashi Hatake reading Icha Icha Paradise
78 KaTy Perry singing Firework
79 KoG Maw spitting green spit
89 TiGer Woods swinging golf club
91 GaLileo Galilei looking through telescope
94 GaRy Coleman Grilling a grill
97 GoKu Kamehameha-ing a dragon ball

The list definitely needs work, but it’s my first week at this. Any help is appreciated!

Just use the search function…


I did, and theres only famous people. I can’t find any long list of video game/movie/tv show characters.

You might find something on these pages:

Search engines can help too. Using one video game as an example, I searched for “list of Baldur’s Gate characters”, and found this page:

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I’m also doing a PAO right now, when I have time. What I’m doing is using peoplebyinitials and use actors names, but disguised as superheros, or characters.

The problem I have with famous people initials is that I don’t know that many celebrities. I also prefer the letters to be in the first name.