Do you use memory journeys and/or peg lists? [POLL]

Do you use memory journeys and/or peg lists?

  • Memory journeys (a.k.a., memory palaces, mind palaces)
  • Peg lists
  • Other (comment below)

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I sometimes use an extension of the Memory Palace, which I call a Memory Tree. Items in a chamber are themselves chambers which expand to reveal contents. This works well for hierarchically structured data. Deep packing has risks. Lose a node in such a tree and you can lose a whole subtree.

I have an extension of the Journey which is a map or a graph rather than a single line. I use this when I need to manage spatial relationships. I don’t store distance or time reliably in my head. I rely on a narrative thread. Each traversal of the map is guided by a narrative. I think most people navigate their city streets this way rather than referencing a map in their heads. My dad could pull up a page of LA street maps in his head and read off it.