Do you mind sharing you Major System list/pictures?

Hey I’m new here and new to the mnemonic/memory field in general.

I’m looking to create my first Major System 00-99 list. Eventually I will use a PAO system, but at the moment I will start with 00-99 object list. I think it is smart to start strictly with objects because it will make the transition to PAO easier later(already memorized 1/3 of the system with no modifications needed).

Creating such a list(with pictures) is a big task. I would really prefer to spend that time on memorizing the list than on making the list.
I am not sure if it is OK to ask for other people to share their list, though I can not see why people will not agree to share it(unless they intend to sell it). So I’m asking - do you mind sharing your Major System list and pictures? Full PAO will be perfect, but objects only will be very helpful as well.
(I know creating what my own list is best - but using already existed list/pictures with some modifications for words/pictures I do not like will save a lot of time)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I already saw these 2: [archive]

And I’m aware of the programs/webs which generate words based on the Major System(those who published on the site wiki).


Do you have any particular numbers you’re stuck on? I don’t mind sharing mine since I got a lot of them from other lists. But one warning when borrowing from other lists is that you often end up with entries that don’t really ring a bell with you and it’s very important to have vivid meaningful images.

Come join us this weekend for memory meetups on Google+ Hangouts. You could say which numbers you need images for and maybe people could offer suggestions…

I still haven’t started my list. I thought going the other way around will save me a lot of time - getting a list from someone and then change some words/pictures if they doesn’t ring a bell like Dale said.
If I could get few lists(with pictures) and then choose from them for each number what my mind feel is the best - it will be even better.

*I know it sounds lazy but it’s not. A lot of people already created lists with good words, and with good pictures - using the time to learn it instead of creating it seems better usage of time. (If people will be generous enough to share their lists of course).

I also am interested in seeing other peoples lists and find them interesting as well as often helpful. The only trouble is formatting the list for posting takes a little effort and placing a collection of photos online would certainly take me a bit of effort. Most images can be easily found on the web.
I don’t use the major system but you will find some good images at
I don’t wish to be antisocial but I find the Google hangouts a bit difficult to make and also appreciate posting of any lists.

I don’t think the formatting should take much of an effort.
If you have the list with pictures on a word/excel/other file then it’s great. If not - just have the word list on a text/word/excel file and the pictures numbered(and possibly categorized by P/A/O) on a folder. Then just add it to a zip file and upload it.
Either of these method are also a must for efficiently learning the list(the second option will be great in addition to a flash cards software).

Here’s part of my Major List. It just follows the coding rules. Nothing fancy or difficult. As you use it you set the images.
O Ostrich
1 Tea
2 Noah
3 May
4 Ray
5 Law
6 Jaw
7 Key
8 Fee
9 Bay
10 Toes
11 Tot
12 Tan
13 Tomb
14 Tire
15 Towel

I’m still looking for list(s) - objects only or PAO, include pictures or words only.
(obviously PAO with pictures will be optimal)

Thanks :wink:

Mine are pretty much the same, except for the following:
0 saw
3 Ma
4 Rye
6 Shoe
7 Cow
8 Ivy
9 Bee
12 Tin (can)

I’m off Major System now. I might share portions of my lists with others but not all because, um, some are explicit.

I’m off Major System now.
Out of interest what system are you using?

They’re the most memorable. Don’t be too embarrased, :slight_smile:

here is mine. some r personal, u wont understand. but there it is

0 saw (a handsaw)
1 tie necktie
2 Noah (on the Ark)
3 ma (mom)
5 law (COP)
6 shoe
7 cow
8 ivy
9 bee

10 TAZ (tazmanian devil)
11 tot (giant tater tot)
12 ton
13 dam
14 tire
15 towel
16 dish
17 tack (thumb tack)
18 dove
19 tub

20 Nose
21 net
22 nun
23 gnome
24 Nero (Roman Emperor - wearing toga)
25 nail
26 nacho
27 naca (a dumb girl)
28 knife
29 snoopy

30 mouse
31 Matt (matt hutt)
32 moon
33 mummy
34 mower (Lawn mower)
35 mail (giant pieces of mail)
36 match
37 hammock
38 mafia
39 mop

40 rose
41 rat
42 rain
43 ram
44 rear ZZ
45 roll
46 roach
47 rake
48 roof
49 rabbi (hardcore jew with curly hair)

50 owls
51 light (giant light bulb)
52 lion
53 llama
54 lure (a crazy looking fish lure)
55 Lalo
56 leech
57 lake
58 lava
59 loop (loop of fire!!!)

60 cheese
61 sh*t
62 chain
63 gem
64 shower
65 shelley
66 church
67 chalk (imagin white chalk covering something or colored chalk drawings all over something)
68 chef
69 ship

70 axe
71 cat
72 cane (red n white candy cane)
73 kim (brother kim)
74 car
75 igloo
76 cash
77 coke
78 goofy
79 cab (big yellow cab)

80 waves
81 feet
82 fan
83 foam
84 fire
85 waffle
86 fish
87 fog
88 fife
89 phoebe

90 bus
91 bat
92 pony (mini pony)
93 bomb
94 bear
95 bull (large bull with horns)
96 beach
97 bike
98 beehive
99 Pope

If anyone is interested, you can create a wiki page about your mnemonic system. I started an outline of my images as an example:

How did you do that Josh? I was thinking about doing it, but could not figure how to make a page.

I had to turn of wiki registrations, because spammers keep vandalizing it. I created an account for you and sent you the password.

Here is my major system for 00-99:

Quite messy, sorry for that.
8 and 5 are switched compared to the original major. Also there are some unique images (00, 01, 55, 66, 69, …).
Would be nice to create a table with images for each word. Maybe sometime…

wc 00 lollipop 01 Sun 02 Sumo 03 hussar 04 safe 05 Sushi 06 Suck 07 Soil 08 Soap 09
toast 10 tit 11 Town 12 Team 13 Tire 14 Thief 15 touche 16 tackle 17 tail 18 tube 19
nose 20 net 21 nun 22 nemo 23 nero 24 navy 25 Nachos 26 nuke 27 nail 28 knob 29
moose 30 math 31 moon 32 Mummy 33 Hammer 34 Muff 35 Mech 36 Makeup 37 Mole 38 Madness 39
Rose 40 Rat 41 Rain 42 ram 43 Rare 44 roof 45 rich 46 rake 47 Rail 48 rib 49
hives 50 fat 51 wine 52 Foam 53 fur 54 Hands 55 flag 56 Frog 57 fly 58 fiber 59
golf 60 sheet 61 chain 62 chocolate 63 chair 64 macaroni 65 card 66 chess 67 chili 68 sixtynine 69
case 70 cat 71 woman 72 comb 73 car 74 cafe 75 cage 76 table 77 coal 78 cabbage 79
lasso 80 lightbulb 81 lion 82 lime 83 lair 84 leaf 85 lichi 86 lock 87 snowman 88 lobster 89
bus 90 bat 91 bone 92 beam 93 beer 94 buff 95 batch 96 bike 97 bull 98 ballon 99

And extras for cards:
jet J1 jeans J2 jam J3 jar J4
hat Q1 hen Q2 ham Q3 watch Q4
spade K1 heart K2 golfclub K3 diamond K4

I’m new to this too. I just finished creating my list, and have just used it a little to remember some library card numbers. So far so good. Now I’ve got to learn them all well.

Number Image
0 bowling ball
1 sword
2 weenie whistle
3 sneech
4 arrow
5 alladin’s lamp
6 king
7 cow
8 snowman
9 Pie
Number Image
00 Dr. Seuss (image of cat in the hat)
01 zit
02 sun
03 Semi truck
04 SIR (Knight) with full armor
05 Sully (Monster’s Inc.)
06 Sushi
07 Sock
08 sofa ( a really old antique flowery one… brown and red and yellow)
09 zipper
10 Tazz (space Jam)
11 Toad
12 Mary Kate and ashley (TwiN)
13 little Timmy (from a christmas carol)
14 Dora (the explora)
15 red hammer (tool)
16 watch
17 Duck (the mascot for Oregon)
18 teeth (I added th to 8)
19 TP (toilet paper)
20 noose
21 net (image… hairnet or fishnet or basketball net)
22 nun
23 Naked Michelle
24 neuron
25 nail
26 nachos
27 wing
28 seal (navy)
29 nib (fountain pen tip)
30 moss (growing in patterns on stuff)
31 mitt
32 money
33 mime (with a white painted face and big red lips)
34 mario
35 meat loaf
36 amish ( image is a guy with a trenchcoat in a buggy pulled by a horse)
37 mickey mouse
38 muffs (earmuffs)
39 map
40 rose
41 rat
42 rain
43 rum
44 Ryan Robinson (my brother)
45 harley
46 irish ( image of a clover)
47 rack (image a deer head)
48 ref (black and white stripes w/ whistle)
49 rib (from a ribcage on a skeleton)
50 helios (sun god) (from Percy jackson…drives chariot across the sky)
51 wallet
52 alien
53 lime
54 Lynn Robinson (grandpa)
55 lolly pop (like a swirly one you find at a candy shop)
56 lash (eyelash) or… like whipped with a whip.
57 Hulk (big green guy)
58 Lathe
59 lip
60 cheese (the squeeze kind)
61 Jedi (image light saber)
62 Chan (Jackie Chan)
63 Gem ( like a red ruby)
64 chair
65 chili
66 cha-cha (the dance) (image is the birds from rio dancing)
67 Sheik
68 chef
69 sheep
70 Goose
71 Kite
72 queen
73 Gum (like teeth gums)
74 curry
75 coal (like briquettes)
76 Koosh (koosh ball)
77 Gekko
78 Goofy ( the disney character)
79 Keeper (a soccer goalie)
80 Fuze (either the fuselage of a plane or a fuze of a firecracker)
81 foot (ruler)
82 Iphone
83 foam (like shaving cream or the blue house siding foam)
85 Eiffel (the tower)
86 fugi (apple… reddish yellow)
87 Vaccuum
88 fifi (my cousins dog)
89 FBI (burk from white collar)
90 Bass (the fish)
91 Butt
92 bean (string bean)
93 beam ( balance beam or a beam of light)
94 Bear (smokey)
95 bella (from the vampire books)
96 pacha (from emperors new groove)
97 Pick (like a lock pick)
98 Bike
99 popeye
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Selling a major system list!! :smiley:

You could make a fortune!

I have not posted my 1000 or 2704 object lists, but I have never refused to give out any chunks of them that are requested by a person who is having a hard time coming up with images for specific numbers. If you want really good images, they should be your own. Taking objects from the lists above is not a bad idea at all, but if you decide to take 87 from lavellr’s list, 87 = vacuum, take a moment to figure out which vacuum it is. Then the image is yours. It took me so long to actually picture a duck – a duck that I had seen on a pond – for #17, even though I had memorized 17 as ‘duck’ for months. Now, I know what duck I’m talking about, and it’s a whole lot easier. (and much better, since she as a string of ducklings following behind her!)

So of course it makes sense to want to spend more time working on memorization than list building, but it really is a good idea to take a minute to look at each of your objects and know exactly what you’re looking at. If 97 is book, what book? Hardback, paperback? Are you even sure what color the book is? It makes a difference in how memorable the objects will be.

Think about it this way: Say you left a DVD in its case on your coffee table. You can remember what DVD it was. Do you remember what DVD it was merely because of the exact design on the case, or do you remember what it was because you are familiar with the movie itself? That you know it was a scary movie, for instance?