Digital Minimalism: "Why We'll Look Back at Our Smartphones Like Cigarettes"

(Josh Cohen) #21

Firefox Reader View, Stylus, and umatrix are useful.

(Josh Cohen) #22

I’m reading the book and can recommend it. “Digital Minimalism” isn’t anti-technology – it appears to be more of a counter argument to techno-maximalism. It offers a plan on how to break the cycle (“digital declutter”).


Yeah, I read the book the day it came out.

Really good stuff.
The most interesting idea for me was the “solitude” idea. I spend almost 95% of my waking hours listening to something.

The other things I want to implement is writing letters to myself, and taking long walks.


What do you use Stylus for?

(Josh Cohen) #25

I surf with all CSS and JS off by default. (I can turn it on for specific sites where needed.) Stylus lets me apply additional CSS in some cases.