Describing your system in terms of no. of of loci, numbers and images


I somtime wonder if i completely have misunderstood the ways other describe their system for learning numbers. As an example this chart confuses me:

As my PAO system is a 2-digit system i need loci for 100 different numbers (00-99). I could place more than one number (not digit) per locus but prefer one number per loci (this way i can always see my palace from above as a map with numbers.)

The locus were i have placed my image for a specific number, actually hold a 3-in-1 image. 43 becomes the image corresponding to 434343 until i pick the part i need.


43: “Arnold Schwarznegger shoots Terminator”
49: " Al Pacino smells a Woman"
66: “Cristopher Columbus sails to West India”

I must learn 434966:

  1. I see the image for 434343
  2. I replace “shoots” with “smeels”
  3. I replace "Terminator with “West India”
  4. I add effects to make “Arnold Schwarznegger smeels West India” memorable.

But i still only think of my system as 100 images for 100 numbers in 100 loci. I’ve always thought that i did the same thing as everyone else using PAO, but now im not so sure.

(Josh Cohen) #2

I’m not sure if I understand, but it looks like that image is comparing the efficiency of different number systems. To memorize 300 digits with a typical 2-digit PAO system, it would use 50 locations, each with a person, action, and object.

Have you seen this video?


Ah thank You, and yes.

The answer was right in front of me, but i never thought about how many chunks of 6 (2 digit PAOs) i would need to solve the actual problem.

I was thinking kind of backwards and got confused :relaxed:


I am one of the user PAOX(2-digits)
But I added one more column to it :wink:
I understand what u mean by confused
because I still not excel in that :hugs:
But I could tell u my training method despite
it might not worth much.
I separate all the number into 2 columns ,PA, OX.
which means 2 loci to store them, and I walked through them as I m free before practise.
eg loci A: 0000,1111,2222… 9999
same as loci B
While I play a number race for real, I will use another loci C. I pick the elements I wish to
store from A,B to C.
eg. A(43P,96A) , B(66O,12X).
Hope that hints.


Thank You. That approach sounds very interesting. I might try something like that.