Delebrate Practice and Specific Recall Modes with Effective Mnemonic Stratergy


There was a study in which a odinary person by doing delibrate practice increased his digit span by many times and If I am not incorrect then implementing it in the Memory League may give similar benifits to its users in less time as being taught an effective memory stratergy can improve a person’s memory as 1 month of memory traning can according to another study,

How this can be implemented quickly

By adding statistics of the mistakes of numbers over many runs with optional anoymoised Chunked notes on reasons and techniques written by a player in many optional formats Ex-Cornel Notes, etc,

With lables and other quick aids so that information can be quickly found by the search engine which can be used to search for numerical mistakes,

Obvious pattens in numerical mistakes

Ex- Missing One or two numbers in between a row or a wrong order of numbers or even making mistakes after every two rows.

Introduction 2

Memory Training Games only improve performance in the same context and so I suggest creating a mode in which users read texts and find and recognise numbers(Where seperate 4 digit numbers are dates and a seperate 8 digit number is a phone number and so on and the same thing can be done for other disciplines with an aid mode in which after every n number of seconds some text deterministically disseapears forcing the player to encode information faster and remember more from texts written by people who write them in their own free time and they also do not need to be of high quality and so they can be memorized fast as in every textbook I have seen there was atleast one grammatical mistake except in probably mine Language Textbooks and so grammar mistakes are also not a lot of concern since we can write with the English which I call "Missing English"in which some words are missing but the sentences from the missing English are still understood by the most of the people whon I know(Think-Speed Reading) and also there can be a reasonably challanging given time limit which is dynamically adjustable like the discount windows in some E-Commerce sites which I won’t name,

With the text being new for a user each time,I think that the same feature with an upper limit of 20-30 names has been implemented for the names discipline about which there was some talk in this forum and this will be a great brain exercise as it will incorporate new learning and will be reasonably challanging which If I remember correctly was said by @metivier exactly and this will also help people by increasing their abality to remember text and numbers,

And since continuously playing games can improve our performance in that context only then there can be multiple context modes in the Memory League such as the "Context of Leading school question and answers,Context of learning practical information…) In which people are given text of school question and answers in -/on the school context(Made up symbol where / means or and - means in between,I think that exceptionally wise people have understood what I meant) and this will increase the performance of children in learning(Memorizing) school questions and answers and make make them really good at that and the same thing can happen with other people by delibrate practice which can be in the form of highlighted effective stratergies in a Quote Box which shows a particular quote after a mistake or a pattern of mistakes has been made n number of times,For example- A stratergy to avoid making mistakes in every second row(Ex-Use the Shaper System to get the number order correctly…) which can be practiced with a mistakes mode in which the user loses imaginary,valueless and private points after a certain number of mistakes which will make him willing to correct his mistakes and I think that a mistake happens only for 3 consiqutively times the fourth time it has to be done delibrately because then it is not a mistake as it needs to be done purposely which I think that none of the current Memory League users would do,


Have a Memorable Day.