Deck of Cards PAO: Friends (Chandler) issue..

Hello! This is my first post although I have been lurking and researching for quite some time. My main focus at the moment is to be able to memorize a deck of cards as fast as I can. At the moment I have only memorized
1 full deck and this was accomplished in a highly uncompetitive time. I use PAO and 17 loci. My suits are family/friends, Friends(the tv show), The Simpsons, and Disney Princesses. After many edits, and lots of practice, I feel comfortable with most of the deck, and can read of cards easily.

Chandler is my biggest issue at the moment. His action is telling jokes and object is at the office. The action is hard to picture. Seeing someone telling jokes about a snowman or a canoe is hard to visualize for me.

Is the anyone here who can recommend any new AOs for Chandler Bing from Friends? Thank you in advance for any help!

Season 4 episode 1… your object would be a jellyfish…

Monica already has jellyfish because I have other people who use cleaning and cooking type AO. I will also try to think of something else for Monica. I’ve seen the whole series many times but can’t think of anything else Chandler “does”.

If you google Chandler Bing, you see the middle name is Muriel (?)
I mean… you see they added that La-Z-Boy® chair there, if you click something happens.


So maybe could be?


Edit: fixed that last image. Uploaded it cos the link wasn’t working.

I am also a lurker, mainly because all of my questions have been answered somewhere.

As for Chandler, if I remember correctly he had the job (and money) and Joey didn’t. Chandler was the one who paid the bills. So I would suggest chandler writing a check, check being the object


Chandler is the eternal friends character that has problems haha

Chandler works on computer, you can use typing on a computer? Or a big scene is when he marries with Monica, you can use like “asking to marry”?
He also makes a lot of different faces, he is very expressive, you can pick one of them maybe and exagerate them


If you really want him to tell jokes as the action, maybe tweak so it’s like speaking into a mic. So the action would be the ‘person’ ‘speaking into’ an ‘object’ like it’s a mic, maybe imagine a studio audience or laugh track playing in the background for that action too, like he’s a standup comic or on set at the show. Seems weird I know, but if you’re stuck on him being a joker this may work. His object could be a mic then too.

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