Customized flash anzan

Hello, I’m new to your site, so I apologize if I do not do something right here. Please, if you can show me from where I can buy or download a program Flash Anzan where I have the option to write myself or fill in the numbers which I want to be showed quickly and not the program to pick the numbers. May you help me please if you know any Flash Anzan that could have option to show customized numbers ? Thank you in advance!


I know Flash Anzan programs that randomly give you numbers to add. However; I din’t know any that follow a list that you provide.

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Thank you, Kinma for taking time to answer me. I wish to exist Flash Anzam that I may choose the numbers and the program shows them at the speed I choose.

I do know of Anzan software that first gives a random list for you to add.
After you did it, you can then repeat the same list in order to train yourself.
Would that help?

If not, why exactly do you want to use your own list?

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Thank you, Kinma, for your answer. If you do know Anzan software that first gives a random list where I may add my numbers please give me a link, where to find it? I need to do many mental exercises that show me the numbers with exact speed for this reason I need Anzan. On the second part for the competitions I have the lists with exact numbers that the teachers give me every level so I need to practice exactly the numbers in the order that they give me. Even the Anzan willl give me this number random, I will have in the every particular task shown the number from my list. Please helm me.

Exactly I need what your are mentioned. I want this possibilities to add my lists with numbers and after Anzan to gives me from my list so I can train myself to be faster and faster. Please help me.

I gave some links here: Soroban and Anzan

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Thank you very much, Kinma! Please kindly explained me how to created my pdf files from where the generator may chose my math tasks. Or if it is possible I create pdf files and after I sent them to you, so you may add them, but the problem is that I want the generator to chose randomly only from my math pdfs. It is possible that? May this generator be made more custom? Thank you in advance for taking time and answer me.


The generator was not made by me, so I cannot change it.

What you can do, however, is to put the numbers from the math tasks you are talking about in a spreadsheet. For example in separate columns. Then randomly choose a column and present those numbers for you to train with.

I made a simple test sheet. However, my sheet is completely random. You can use it as a starting point:
Spreadsheet for Anzan

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Thank you, Kinma.

I have sheets, I need somebody to tell (show) them to me with the same speed that I can gradually reduce and do the same tasks in less seconds.