Creating images for abstract concepts


I’m brand new here. I’ve checked the forums, and found a couple of things related to this, but it hasn’t been that helpful.

I have to memorize concepts like this:
Intersemiosis - the translation of meaning from one cognitive domain to another.

I want to create images for this, but I have difficulty with words like “meaning”. The rest is ok.

You could break “meaning” into two parts: mean-ing.

The first image that comes into my head for “mean” is a memory of helping a kid make flatbread. The kid wanted to make tiny flatbreads and kept calling them “meanies” instead of “minis”. So I have an association between the word “mean” and an image (the “meanie” flatbreads).

For the “ing” part, I’m reminded of someone whose last name is Ng. So I could combine his image with the flatbread to get “meanie-ng” which is pretty close.

Everyone has different kinds of associations, so that’s just an example of one way to do it. Maybe some other people will post other ideas.

Definitions can also be reworded to make them easier to remember. If you can find a way to hook the definition onto the root words, then it should be easier to recall later.

Inter means between (intersperse, interlocutor, intercom, interstellar, etc.).

Semiosis comes from the Greek word for “mark”. (You could picture a “semi” truck with a “mark” or sign/symbol on it to link the two words if that helps.)

So the word roots literally refer to something related to “symbolic meaning between…” (semiotics – the study of signs/symbols)

Then you can take your definition (“the translation of meaning from one cognitive domain to another”) and see if you can reword it in a way that hooks on to your mnemonic images a little more easily.

After trying for a long time to formally define rules for what I like to call the mnemocoding of words into images, I am getting adept to freely using very surreal metaphors to represent what I want. But, in any case, the images should, as much as possible, contain both some features related to their sound (or to its parts, in a rebus style) and to its meaning.

So, this is my image:

Two vertical halves of Ozzy Osbourne (“semi-osis”) are side by side and a gift box (decorated with a ribbon and all) is floating from one half-brain (“cognitive domain”) to the other (“inter”) and when reaching its destiny, a naja cobra gets out of the box spilling its venom. The word “gift” means poison in the Scandinavian languages, i.e., there is a different “meaning” when “translating” the word.

I hope that helps.