Conversation B/W Newbie and Me

Out of the blue, I was messaged by a new member on this site, I answered his question, he gave me ~20 more, I answered those and he gave me a three thousand word reply, with lots of questions, so I answered those as well :slight_smile: I asked him if he would mind me sharing this conversation, he said go ahead. I’ll try to post question then answer in order.

I think it will be helpful to others. Feel free to comment. (just DON’T ASK ANY MORE QUESTIONS(jk, feel free to ask questions))

I’ll number them to make it easier to reference. I will also keep my comments from being too long

Here, this is the start of the 3000 word reply, so I’ll skip stuff that isn’t really relevant, and just post the actual questions. Also, apologies if I didn’t adequately answer some of the questions, it’s pretty hard to have to scroll up two feet every time I answer a question, scroll two feet back down, and remember the whole thing.

Stuff like this are my comments/summaries

For the past couple questions, and the next ones, I was pretty mentally exhausted after answering all these ******* questions, so I answered them pretty succinctly, and not always completely. (No worries :))

Feel free to comment, quote, or add questions.

Good Stuff!
I just wanna add my own personal thanks.
We newbies really appreciate people who take the time to help us out!

No problem, and thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

Hello Bateman,

I have some questions as well:

-When you’re memorising a book, are you storing every book’s content in a different locus? Do you have seperate memory palaces per topic (like business book in one memory palace, motivation books in another etc.)

-I want to learn world history as well, however the one-way journey didn’t seem to be an efficient way to do it if you especially want to deepen and extent your knowledge later. I mean you learn general ancient greek period from the movie, but what if you want to extent greek mythology, art, phlilosophers etc. Are you going to open a new door to that period and extend the knowledge from that point? I imagine a tree-like structure, main branch will be the world history but sub branches would include details and leaf would mean a particular event (or person etc.) Is this the system you’re using?

-Do you get overwhelmed with the amount of information you’re storing?


  1. I do, but the books that I summarize take many loci, usually a room or two. Books that I don’t want to memorize and I just store the title and author are in a separate journey from the summaries.

Basically, a book that I read falls into one of two categories. Either I just want to know the author and title of the book, or I make a summary and memorize that.

  1. You’re probably right. I’m not really sure what the best way would be. Maybe creating a journey for every major civilization? And then one for events, like that movie. I haven’t added much more info to it yet.

  2. No. I’m not in a hurry to store it, so I get plenty of time to review and such.


Thanks bateman

No problem :slight_smile:

I’m thinking I’ll soon try what Lance said in another post; memorize a whole book using one image per paragraph.


Thanks for the replies bateman… It was very insightful info specially for us newbies learnt a good deal of info from your replies… Also the newbie asked some good questions… Thanks a lot again I don’t have any question now but will pm you if I get any . Ha ha


You can also make a new forum topic or just post the question/s here. If you post it here, I’ll definitely reply, and some others might also join in if they have some thoughts. If you make a new forum topic, I’ll comment if I have something to say, and others might also post their thoughts, giving you more perspectives/ideas.


This is great information for us still learning, thanks a lot Bateman! By sharing this you end up mentoring not just 1 but, MANY other newbies, as we all have questions similar to these. He really did ask good questions haha! This is a really great community, I think that definitely helps motivate me with the learning process.


Glad it helped you.


Just wanted to express my thanks as well. I’ve been prowling the forums for a few weeks (and testing a few approaches as I go). Really appreciate your posts (especially the Guide to Memorizing Books and your consolidation of “best posts”). I had quite a few of these same questions building up; I signed up to the site today to fire off a message very similar to the one you addressed here. Thanks for the extremely thorough response. You really crushed it here!

Great to hear it!

Welcome to the site.


As a newbie, very informative !

So informative! Thanks Bateman!