I joined back in January and pre ordered the software. Im a little confused regarding what exactly I should be able to access now. Nothing has changed much I don’t have access to anything new since I joined…should I? I can access ML and the free website. Im not complaining and looking forward to the software. I just don’t want to miss out.

I think that you should access to the forum, the wiki, the Memory League section and the Memory System app. The latter is where you can search public systems and upload your own.

The actual training software is not complete yet.

Happy to be corrected.

With your preorder, you currently have access to and ML. We’re getting ready to take the Systems generator and management tool out of beta and you’ll have access to that soon.

The other parts of the software are still on the way :slight_smile: Thanks for your support!

I agree - it’s been so long since I pre-ordered I am beginning to wonder if the whole thing is a scam. Might as well go out and buy Tony Buzan’s memory books secondhand for a couple of dollars each! Way way to long - and the System Software is pretty clunky and unsophisticated.

Hi NS-D,

We’re happy to offer you and other preorder customers a full refund if you’re not satisfied. Just let us know and we’ll take care it right away with no questions asked.

We’ve been working hard on the software, but know that it’s taken a lot longer than we originally anticipated and we’re sorry for the delay. The software is being released incrementally as the different pieces are done. The preorder is offered at the discounted price of $60 for a 2-year subscription, and the subscription doesn’t start until the last piece is released so access to everything else until then is a bonus. This includes Memory League, which costs $50 for 2 years by itself.

Again, let us know if you’d like a refund and we’ll process it right away. If you have any specific feedback about the Systems module, we’d love to hear it!

I would like a refund please. What are the next steps to process the refund? Thanks. I have also sent you a PM.

I replied to your PM.

Hello, good evening!

Typing here from Brazil.
I was hopeful about the software too.
This topic’s theme fits my exact feelings… I feel a bit confused.

At some point I began to wonder if everything was a scam, or just taking a bit longer…

I was hoping to have access to the software, then I discovered it wasn’t ready yet… that’s ok… And then I waited for the timelines, which seemed to me to be moving forward.

If you tell me this software is real, and at some point this year of 2018 we will be able to download it, I think I can wait without asking for a refund.

([email protected])

Hi Sandro,

Did you receive the email we sent to you yesterday? You should have full beta access now. I will send you a message to help you get set up with it. You can also email us any time at [email protected].

Dear Josh,

I would like to thank you for the excellent feedback and quick response.

I already succeeded to access the art of memory software, but still am walking through the tutorials, and I am enjoying very much.

Thanks again, and congratulations for the good work.

Best regards,

Great, let us know if you have any questions or feedback. [email protected]