Hello everyone Have now trained memory techniques and the loci method for a while and know the basics but noticed that my biggest problem is that I can lose my connections / links in my various places and that these are then probably not strong. Can memorize things for a longer time and remember but when I wants to remember something faster this problem arises
My question is then is it only about training or do I have to make stronger connections? Does anyone then have good examples of how to create strong connections? Started training memory techniques at the end of the summer / hip but started training more intensively in the autumn / winter


Seems you have the foundation in place, great! As you suggested, might be that your connections are weak and/or that you need to use a SRS (Spaced Repetition System), i.e. go through your palaces to strenghten the links.
Also pls ensure you are using several of your senses when placing the thing to remember in a loci. You can search for SMASHIN’ SCOPE by Tony Buzan.
The internet wayback machine found e.g. this link
Good luck!

How do you mean with Spaced Repetition System?