Competition and help

Hello somone here as can help me with memorycompetition
I hav question about the different branches.

For example how do I prepare for a competition and what is required of me for a top position. How much must I can. How much do I have to prepare for a competition and how much time do I have to put in each day. What techniques do you use in competition? How do I do it to be able to memorize quickly and get clear and distinct pictures at competitions? How can I do to memory numbers faster in the competitions? I have try PAO and that not works for me so I wonder how I can work to the major system or Ben system to be faster? How make you to memory years do you use memorypalace or do you use other teqhnipues? In the competition wih cards wilch system is best there ben or the major or some other system? Please help me there as I can find a system there I can memory more cards on
smaller places? All suggestions are good. I have also wonder over is link method are good in the competition?

When I want to memory faster and get more clear picture what I must make can you give me tips?

How can I do to memory abstract words for exmpele green. jump, love and ill?

I also wonder how I can do for keep track of my memory palaces so I do not confuse them?

I think a lot of practice is required, but I think the amount varies between competitors.

Ben Pridmore uses a 2-card system (Ben System) and places 3 images per location, so that only requires 9 locations. There’s a similar system called the #shadow-system that requires fewer images.

If you make a 2-digit number system, you could practice with it for a couple of weeks and see if you like it.

It probably depends on the event. I think linking/stories can be used for the IAM images event.

There’s a thread for that part of the question over here: Abstract words

If you review them regularly, they should be pretty memorable.

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Ok so you featured Ben-system to memory cards with two nmberssystem?
How can I do to memory more faster? In the IAM Images event. should I choose loci or the link system do you think?

Jenny, do try both methods, many times. Then you will learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t, for you. Among the top memorizers, some use loci for images and some don’t, both approaches work.

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So link system used too and is link system as common as loci and can it be used to memorize over 120 images? How can I use link system to memory so many imanges? And how can I know that my brian not mix it up with togtheter?


I think that someone else has already explained it in another thread that you have created on this forum. But basically make a story that starts with the first image, continues with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. During the recall, try to remember if one of the five images was the start of one of your stories and then figure out the rest of the story. This works for as many images as you want, it will work well even for large amounts of images if you create strong enough links between the images (I’m not going to explain how to create these links, there are many ways and people have already mentioned them to you).

With experience. Train a lot, make mistakes and try to identify the reason behind the mistakes and then fix them for future attempts.

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Ok I understand but how can I do to cretate more clear picture? And years should I use loci or lnk system there and how can I do to memory faster? I have try PAO and I can´t get some picture of my people do you know why?

This is a very vague question, I don’t know how to answer it, sorry.

You do ask a lot of different questions that don’t really have anything to do with each other. Go back and read the other answers that you have gotten in other threads, most of your answers are there already.

Ok I understand but how make you to memory years and wilch system do you use to memory cards? Should I try ben- system?

You already asked these questions a few months ago on the minnesförbundet messenger. Do try to create simple systems to begin with, maybe a two-digit system for numbers and maybe a system with one image per card for cards. Spend some weeks/months on training with it. Do not try the ben system yet, it’s not really recommended to use big systems at the beginner stage.

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Ok and when I want to memory numbers more faster how can I do it?

And create more clear picture what do you fetuard there?

Train everyday, do the numbers disciplines and you’ll get faster automatically. If not, after a few weeks, come back and read the advice on the forum.

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Ok so you mean that be faster so I muste train more?
If I want to crete more clear picture what I must there?


First, create a system, only then you need worry about this. Generally the longer you spend thinking about an image, the clearer it gets. If you think of a hammer for 1 second it might not be very clear. Think of it for three seconds and maybe you’ll see it more clearly. Then do the disciplines and you’ll get faster and faster at seeing clear pictures…

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Ok but when I memoery picture on memo camp have I sometimes problems to see the picture and when I want recall them I do not always remember the pictures how can I do to remember the pictures and see it clearly in front of me?
Is to see clear picture also what I must train more too?

I really don’t know, sorry, haven’t had that problem myself…

But how make you to see your picture how get you to see them clear? Do you use loci or link suystem?

I use the major system for cards is that good or not?

Jenny, I’m sorry but I’m going to stop answering now, I cannot really follow.