Clemens Mayer

Which system he used?

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You might want to give folks more than three hours to respond. In the US, it’s the middle of the work day, and I’m guessing most folks check in here when they’re not at work. Although I could be mistaken about that… :wink:

Also, it might help to clarify what techniques you’re specifically asking about: card memory? numbers? random words? As far as I can tell, Clemens only participated in in a few memory competitions over a decade ago; even though he was a winner and record holder, he and his techniques may not be well known today.



For numbers😀

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From the German version of Wikipedia:

Mayer hat für die Zahlen von 00 bis 99 jeweils ein Bild (s. Major-System). Die Zuordnung der Bilder war dabei rein willkürlich. Für eine längere Zahlenreihe bildet er mithilfe der Bilder Geschichten, die unterschiedlich lang sind. Die Länge variiert je nach Möglichkeit der Verkettung der Bilder zwischen zwei und acht Gliedern. Diese Geschichten legt er anschließend auf mentalen Wegplätzen ab. Diese Gedächtnistechnik bezeichnet man als Loci-Methode.

Google Translated:

Mayer has one picture each for the numbers from 00 to 99 (see Major System). The assignment of the pictures was purely arbitrary. For a longer series of numbers, he uses the pictures to form stories that are of different lengths. The length varies depending on the possibility of concatenation of images between two and eight members. He then lays down these stories on mental pathways. This memory technique is called a loci method.

(I added links to pages with information about the techniques.)


Many images in a lock connected in series.