Chunked Memory Palace and Chunked Story Method(Especially for those who can not finish viewing all the numbers in the Memory League)

Chunked Memory Palace Method with the Chunked Story Method(For Numbers)-

In this method you think of images and think of their names for every 2 digit number

(Most of the time) and then you join them verbally into a chunked story(A story that is chunked from the beginning(Starting).

Note: It is not necessary to use sub chunks of 2 digit numbers it can be more depending on your number system and personally for me

In this method you think of images and think of their names for every 2 digit number(I did this up to groups of 3 images only)

Results-One of my best scores in Memocamp and better performance in almost all of my trails with this method in which I did not blank out(Which I do not know why it happens)

And I hope that you will try this method for personal games as you will have nothing to lose and potentially noticeable improvements in speed and recall to gain for you,



Maybe those using a PAO can group 2-3 images with the above method,


Have a Great Day.

I think that a person using those methods can chunk the action of using those methods(Chunked Memory Palace with the Chunked Story Method) and then Chunk those images with chunked chunking(In which you chunk the action of chunking) and according to me Chunking always works,

If this is a method then I will call it “Quad Chunking”,


Have a Good Day.

For some reason this method has boosted my speed and potentially accuracy(I will need to test this more before conforming or denying this) while memorizing numbers even when using the standard Memory Palace with a few trails,


Have a Great Day.