Chronic pain and memory techniques

There is a credible source where it describes how you can cure chronic pain using memory technique to the point where you no longer feel it. Chronic pain is caused by error in the brain’s nerve, now, the brain heals by rewiring itself, and not growing more tissues. Hence by ragefully going through memory palaces over and over again in your mind whenever the chronic pain comes, it will rewire the “broken” circuit that is causing the chronic pain. People have done this, this is a fact.

Here is the progress:

Average person would take a month to notice a few minutes of relief before pain comes again and you would have to go through palace again. After 4 month you should feel no pain for days.

But if you do it ragefully, you might go even faster :wink: because you work harder, the harder you work, the easier to rewire the brain. It is worth noting that “long distance” memorisation will rewire it even faster. Although the error part of the brain might not be like before (most patient remainds the same on that part), but your pain will be gone :wink:

If you tell this is a fact, can you provide us with any articles or meta-analysis about that from a reliable source? (for example, Elsevier or else, as Josh did) Those kind of statements need to be proven with links to some researches or at least description of medical cases from med journals.
And there are far more etiologoc reasons for chronic pain, not only damaged, scarred or inflammated brain nerve.

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I will say the magic word on behalf of our good colleague @sfep

Please provide the info that @sfep reasonably requested.

I was just about to ask for the same info myself - especially after @Josh spent a lot of time and effort in his excellent presentation.


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skip to chapter1


I didn’t mean to be rude in any degree, sorry, Oscar. I have that straight manner of speaking in English. I totally forgot about soft sentence structures and “magic” words as you said. And my “debate” mode switched on when I saw your statements :grin:
But I really do see this as a serious matter that needs to be always attached to some based evidence links.


No problem, English language is a spoiled one, I forgotten about that, will drop my princess mode.

here you guys go, free chapter 1, have a read and decide for yourself if you think memory technique cures chronic pain. Personally I believe so as the explanation is perfectly persuasive as it agrees with what I learnt so far. Unfortunately there is no short cut to the story, you need to read it all , but it is worth it I promise :wink:

Actually your definition is more alike to the “faith” or “opinion”, not “fact”. Fact is something that is reproducable multiple times in the same form, shape colour or other complex abstract parametrs. Or something that is scientifically proven with good amount of independable observations, calculations and so on.
If a big group of people believe in something and it’s not match the written above it is defined as faith or illusion, and those people as well can define this faith as a fact.
Every hypothesis need to be based on something more than “evereone believes in this, everyone does this, so this is true and fact”
Don’t take my words as insult please. Most of us here just want to make things here to be crystall clear before taking it as a fact in one’s life

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Nicely said, it is the scientific definition of fact, and yes, if you read the link I am sure it will match your definition of “fact”, but it is up to you, no one can force you to do something.

just so you know, it is only 1 chapter, just 15min, you might learn something that will change you forever.

And I am not a god person, in fact I am very strick with 0 tolerance to fake beliefs, only the cold hard truth. But as you know, we can easily fake information on the internet, hence the definition I give. although I am yet to have seen this technique applied in real life, but if you do a little search on those patients and the author, I am sure the internet won’t allow such mass lie to go on posted.

It will be not enough to read just this book unfortunately. There is a need to check author’s notes and references at the end of this book. There should be references to monographs or articles based on fine and well orginized researches. And ideally you need to check all of them :smiley: But it’s of course almost impossible and each one decides how deep he wants to factcheck and how deep he actually can understand all of it. Most of us for sure rely on books and stops on that point taking all that has been said as a fact.
If i cannot or unable to check something or make sure if it’s a source I can rely on, I prefer to classify such information as “opinion”. And when I tell something like that I add “I think”, “I read about it in …book or source” “I heard that” etc. I remain sceptical, rational, keeping in mind I don’t know most things for sure. That seems hard and insane, but that’s the way to be more aware “how deep is the rabbit hole”

I don’t even look there for information I really need to make clear for myself.
Problem is there are a lot of books such as something written on internet.
As well as there is a mass of badly designed researches with the lack of observation amount or any quality issue in it.

kk, I will change it to: Credible source

Here’s a quote from the Wikipedia article “The Lancet”:

  • The Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal. It is among the world’s oldest, most prestigious, and best known general medical journals.[1]

Here’s what The Lancet says about Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain’s Way of Healing”:



This is not directed at anyone, even if it seems that it is. It is just what the whole thread has brought me think about and feel like sharing. With all my respect for all.

Doidge’s books probably saved my life. So thank you very much for sharing that. And it is scientific. I strongly encourage anyone to read them.

But let’s be careful when talking about suffering. Some people are fighting for their life everyday and hearing for the hundredth time that there is a panacea is really hard. I just want to say that chronic pain is not simply caused by errors in the brains nerves. It is often much more complicated than that unfortunately, and every case is different.

In @Oscar4 spirit though, I strongly encourage anyone to read Doidge.

From my experience, living with chronic pain, memory palaces do help, a lot, as does meditation. And I work with palaces daily, and have tried more times than I could count the battles, and I have read Doidge’s books, and more regarding the new discoveries in neuroplasticity.

I am not contradicting anyone : I am not saying it can’t work. But in my case, it doesn’t, and please don’t tell someone tied up that he hasn’t tried hard enough by repeating “it can” get rid of your pains.

Just because it worked for one doesn’t mean it can work for another specific person. We are not clones, right?

So let’s just not say that this or that thing CAN get rid of all your suffering, please.

With my complete respect my friends, your fellow :man:

P.S regarding inflammation, one word: exercise + proper recovery time.


I’ve moved these posts to a new thread (because the topic is a little different), and merged some posts. For reference, the original thread is here: Link between inflammation and brain fog

With all manners dear Cameri, you said you were in kindergarten in a post this year, and you are also suffering from chronic pain as well?!

I just want you to know you have all our support :wink: