Chemotherapy and Memory Palaces

Interesting application of memory palaces for “chemo brain”:
Memory palace: coping with chemo brain

One of Janet’s favorite memory exercises is the “memory palace.” You picture a room in your house and visually put something you want to remember by an object in that room.

“When I want to recall it, I just go back up and walk through the house and that image is there in the entry, and it reminds me of what it is that I’m trying to remember,” Janet explained.

Deborah says learning to group together information – like numbers – helped her.

“I feel like it is getting better, but I don’t feel like I’m where I was before I was diagnosed,” Deborah said.

I had no idea chemo affected memory in that way. Thanks for the link!

I didn’t have a clue about that either. Never thought it affected the brain like that. But it does make sense

Very interesting