Chaos Walking - sneak peak into minds of non aphants

After watching Chaos Walking it felt like visualisation of what people without Aphantasia may be seeing in their mind’s eye.

This was like rubbing salt into our wounds as aphants. For anyone who is able to watch this movie (currently available in India region to me on lionsgateplay) I would like to know whether this depiction of mind’s eye is near to what actually is visible through mind’s eye?

Link to wikipedia page for the movie

For those who have not seen the movie - this movie tries to show the mind’s eye images, visualisations as they may look to outside world as a science fiction anomaly on the given planet. I am wondering whether that is something how the actual normal people may be visualising. The origin of my thoughts is lack of any idea of what mental visualisation may be like as I am total aphant from all my senses.

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First let us consider the possibility of a man who never has any images. However unlikely this may seem it is a theoretical possibility, and if there were such a man it still would not follow
that he is unable to produce any images; it might simply be that he has
never tried to do so. This situation, where a person is completely unable to produce any images, seems to be a psychological impossibility.
There are ordinary situations that are very favorable to imagination.
Suppose, for instance, we show an orange to a man and then ask him
to close his eyes and imagine it; under such circumstances it seems clear
that anyone would be able to produce at least a rough image of the
orange. Further, it seems safe to say in general that any human being
can produce an image which has something in common with the sensation he has just experienced. At least, if there are people who cannot do
even this, one never hears of them. How close the image is to the sensation will, of course, vary with the individual. It also follows that under
favorable conditions there will be no large gaps in the powers of imagination of any given person. That is, it is not the case that certain
people will be completely unable to produce any olfactory images or
any gustatory images, etc. Still, it is possible and probable that certain
people are not very good at producing various sorts of images, in the
sense that they can produce these images only with great effort and
with very little precision. Thus, it does not follow from the fact that it
is psychologically possible for any given person to have olfactory images
that he can imagine the smell of a peach precisely enough to differentiate it from his images of the smells of other fruits. — Analytical Solipsism, William Todd

I haven’t really seen the movie.

It can be this way, if you let your visualization run wild briefly, for example, I can visualize holding a purple flame in my right hand, then visualize the world spinning and being split into another dimension at the center of my focal point, while time freezes. After a few ms of doing this, I come back to notice the fact that the world is indeed intact.

Sometimes, when I am visualizing, if something dangerous happens in the visualization I may actually ‘jump out’ forgetting that I am only day-dreaming. In a movie, similarly if I am intently focusing it can cause the same effect. I have lately realized that I actually watch movies by visualizing what is happening on-top of what I am seeing at the same time.

That is my experience with hyperphantasia.

Given I can visualize just about anything, I think what you are thinking about in the movie, very likely is possible.

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I’m probably of average visualisation ability. I’ve not seen the movie, but I’ve notice about my own visualisations:

That the brain tends to shortcut things: if you visualise a person, you might not imagine their face in detail until you focused on it. It’s a bit like those computer games, which use tricks to give the illusion of detail, but are really selectively loading the scenery.

If I try to visualise fast, like for memory purposes, the scenery can end up a bit distorted, like the distance between two points on the street is longer than it should be.


I skipped through the movie, the visualizations above his head looked like a reasonable approximation to me.

Minds eye is like a separate layer from what my eyes are seeing, they don’t mix. It’s limited by attention, I can visualize something in the minds eye and I’m seeing reality through my eyes at the same time but often reality is not being processed anymore. Something important could happen in real life, and I don’t react because my attention is completely focused on the minds eye. Closing my eyes just helps block out reality in an attempt to aid/direct focus to the minds eye but its not really necessary. If I close my eyes its just blackness too from my eyes bc minds eye isn’t really seeing through your eyes. Picturing something is like holding it against the darkness that’s pushing in on all sides, anything that isn’t focused on doesn’t exist. It is vivid for me if I want it to be. Dreams to me feels like I’m using more of my brain that I might not be able to tap into consciously, so it could be more like a world or a city you can walk around in but there is still limits of focus and brainpower. I think he had stronger visuals when he was dreaming so that’s realistic too.

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