Can you write words in Mirror Image in Two Language Hindi and English

Yes I can write words in Mirror Image in Two Languages Hindi and English from your side as well from my side without changing the paper but you have to move paper at 180 to read the words, and I have completed 16 Mirror Image Books with Pen , Needle,Mehandi Cone, Iron Nail, Carbon Paper.

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That’s really more upside-down than mirror if you can rotate it by 180 to read it… mirror would require a mirror to read it (obviously). Check Leonardo da-something… Italian dude from a few hundred years ago. I hear he was good at that stuff.

How is your skill useful? Could you please explain?

Sir …i know about the Legend …But I do not know in how many languages…but I can write in two languages Hindi and English respectively with Right Hand & Left Hand and As you seeing it on board obviously this question arose but if we write on paper the situation totally different fix the mirror only move the paper to read …

Hello dear very gd question …If u please mention ur mobile no or email address pl…

This question was asked by somone else few years back I answered him …pl plplpl mention ur no I would like to answer …

You’ve only been a member here for a day, so that must have been asked and answered somewhere else. Normally, I’d fully support an answer that suggests people use the search function this forum has built-in, but you got nothing posted on the forum.

Would you please STOP asking people for mobile number!!

You can either answer the question here for everyone to read or in a private message if something happens to be “eyes only” in both of your opinions.


Why would you need my number just to answer a simple question?

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The number matter has been adressed in both this topic and to the forum leadership.

We all mean well, but I would like to bring the topic back to the mirrored writing now :slight_smile:

I think he should show us mirror . So we can read what he had written

Do not worry…Sir …very soon …will share youtube link ok

Pl open and see…

Does any practical use of mirror writing.
Is it you learnt or born with.

I practiced a lot …not born with …and I have written 16 Books in Mirror Image with hand… Imagine with which objects I have completed with Pen, Needle, Mehandi Cone, Carbon Paper, Iron Nail,Fabric Cone Liner,Wooden Pen,…

These are all Manuscripts …and my four books have been published and lot more… …and practice use depends on …

Any benefit of this skill in practical world.or just for show off

Sir App kis tarah ki baat karte hain…mein chigo mein phayada nahi dekhta kuchh chige apni atam santusti ke liye ki jaati hain … practice use pratical use …aur ab naya safuga…showoff …

Sir I ask you for its benefits for 3 times & 2 more guys asked for it in this post .
,so I wrote that you are showing off