Can this synthesia be induced for Speed Reading (Without having to rely on Synthesia and Speed Reading Apps)?

I had combined a Speed reading technique and a memory technique and Can you tell me whether it can be used to Speed Read without having to use a lot of parts of my technique with greater effect,Here is an example below-
Document 6.docx - Microsoft Word Online
And Perhaps you will need to resize an image,save it and then sharpen it to see results which I had seen in Microsoft Word after coloring them or you can apply this same color format which is posted above and compare your reading speed perhaps by using other software and and you can get more information in the forum post below

and the steps of reading books using my method(without synthesia) are as follows-

  1. Photograph 5-6 words while reading a sentence and scan the text in two pages(Right and Left page in your book).

  2. Create a mental marker for what you have read and place it in an object and also add space near it if you have not read the whole paragraph or sentence .

  3. Convert objects into living memory palace with transparent portals(Replace the shading in the holes of your object memory palace like in The Apple into colored portals with the middle portal containing an object.Example Memory Palace Object - The Apple [Palace] which also contains an ant in its middle (Miniature memory palaces - including your palm) whose image is below

  4. Imagine that object performing an action with a cause(ex- That Apple throwing a smaller ant(Living)in a public place with well spaced out objects,(Ex- A shelf in a Mall with well spaced out objects while making that object with whom you performed an action well spaced out too).

  5. Imagine that sub object feeling your that object’s action with one of his sense or senses and then performing an appropriate reaction.

Note- In this memory technique when an object is thrown a sentence is encoded and when you visualize the place in which that object is thrown you encode another sentence and when you react with the thrown object you encode another sentence similar to how numbers are encoded in PAO but with objects and sentences instead if numbers except for one person in the third step.

And also if you are skipping text which I think is called Skimming which might happen when switching between two pages and you have read too much of one page even then you can repeat this process.
But do not forget to organise those locations in Page A if you switch to Page B and then When switching to page A you skip 1 or more paragraphs or sentences(For example- If I a reading Page A and then Switched to Page B and then when returning to Page A I skip 2 paragraphs in it then I arrange the images of page A in order),


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