Can see mental images only for seconds

Forgive if this has been asked before but whenever I try practising the Method of Loci (I’ve only just started practising),

I can visualise any object for just a fraction of a second. I can see the object clearly but just for a second and can’t ‘hold it’ in my mind’s eye.

Also, I can only see the object that I am focusing on, the surroundings appear vague and dark. For example, if I try to visualise a chair I can see it clearly for a second but objects (table, etc) the near it would appear vague.

Is it just me or did everyone have this problem initially?

I’m having this same problem. Well in fact I can’t even see it clearly

And yes I can only focus on a small part of the picture if I want to see the details.
For example this picture. if I don’t focus on anything, I only see a pink, blurry silhouette of it. I can only see the details (like wheels and such) if I focus on it close up.

I don’t have this type of problem. I can hold any image(loci or anything else) in my mind for as long as I want…But I have been practicing visualization techniques for many years,because I practice visualization meditation. I am also new into the mind palace techniques,and it is very easy for me to visualize any loci.

I think,if you practice consciously,you can also hold any image in your mind as long as you want. Also,you don’t always need vivid details of an object to visualize it. Sometimes,just thinking about an object without any image/sound/taste/smell is also alright.

How familiar to you are the images that you’re using? Are you using friends, relatives, famous celebrities, common objects, etc? I think looking at a photo of your image when you practice your system using Anki or flash cards could help with this. I think both Memocamp and Memrise will allow you to upload photos for this purpose. Also, when memorizing, if you’ll try to make your image interact with the locus you’re placing it on, it’ll become more memorable.

Hello, that’s something I always wanted to know. When you guys talk about vizualisation, can you really see the object with color etc… or is it more “imagination”.
Because I used the method of loci to pass my medicine competition examen (sorry I don’t really know how to say it in english ^^) it worked well, but I think i’m not purely seeing things ?!

I have always seen my mental images with color including my dreams although that is something I think is unusual to my mind.

Visualization in general though is something I’ve had a hard time with until I started practicing with the MoL. Before memory techniques, it seemed hard to visuallize the places I have been often in detail but now it’s easier.

I see and use colour, but I think that seeing only one aspect clearly and the rest as a blurred surrounds is exactly what you should be aiming for. It makes hooking so much easier.

As tracym suggests, photographs help so you have a fixed image. I have also found that friends and famous people tend to look similar so I have given each a dominating feature. I then nickname them by that feature - Redcape, Rusty-head, yellow-coat… I am almost losing the original in getting so specific, but that is what works best for me. BUT I am training for competition for the first time, so advice from those more experienced is more valuable!

Your images aren’t strong enough then!
Your images should standout so vividly that you cannot forget them.
Practice is key which is meditation

Its both. Remember the brain cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. The point is the image triggers the information regardless of how absurd the image is to others. Once again what is important is that the image makes sense to you not to others its your brain and your world.

There is a related thread on aphantasia that might interest people.

I don’t want to bump that thread but I know someone with that condition and can confirm it’s an actual thing. My friend is an extremely intelligent software programmer and designer and makes complex creative decisions, sometimes having to do with aesthetics. The condition isn’t as crippling as it sounds, he can imagine what he wants something to look like without picturing it in his mind.

I think that people with that are exceptional cases however, and anyone who can visualize at least a little bit can develop the skill further. I could be wrong though. I personally was able to increase my visualization skill a lot by practicing memory techniques.

Improvement seems possible. I used to have trouble visualizing faces without prompting, but now I can do it after a lot of practice.

i picture short gifs or short webm’s(gifs with sound)