Can anyone help me with memorizing text that involves mil history?

Dear all,
Greetings. I have been reading your valuable inputs for long and they have been very helpful. I am presently working on a project related to Military History which involves reading and memorizing tonnes of material related military tactics. The problem that I face with this material is that it is quite difficult to change it into images. I was wondering if anyone could help me with creating image mnemonics of the material below. It would assist me in getting direction on creating my own images. Thanks…
"1. These activities can be conducted by separate units or even by the same unit which is operationally & tactically directed within the main battlespace.
2. This is done to achieve synergetic effects in the physical & psychological dimensions of the conflict.
3. The effects can be gained at all levels of war.
4. Thus, the compression of the levels of war is complicated by a simultaneous convergence of modes.
5. The novelty of this combination & the innovative adaptations of existing system by the hybrid threat is a further complexity.

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To get an idea of what you are up agains, I searched online and found the article from which this was excerpted. (Hybrid Warfare and Challenges by Frank G. Hoffman)

IMO, Hoffman’s writing style makes his topic seem more complex or abstract than it needs to be. It is hard to quickly grasp what he means by “…the compression of the levels of war is complicated by simultaneous convergences of modes.”; or, “The novelty of this combination & the innovative adaptations of existing system by the hybrid threat is a further complexity.”

Therefore, I recommend you focus first on simplifying and finding concrete examples for the points you wish to memorize. The Feynman technique is an efficient way to master the material. It works by simplifying the material until you can teach it. For more info, you could search online for “Feynman technique”.

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Roger. Will do that. Thank you so much.

I will run short of words in trying to explain how much I appreciate the kind of effort you all devote to solve issues… It is indeed a very motivating place to be… (A part of this group)…

Can you provide some information you are trying to memorise? Me and Other members may come up with some Ideas.

Since its History, you may have to memorise a lot of dates…try Major system to memorise them.

If you don’t have the Major system memorised yet. You can try this Dateroni table/method.
Go check it out.


Its not the dates that are causing the problem. The content is such that it becomes quite difficult to change into memorable images. Are there any exercises that would help improve imagination?

Well, the thing is you have to figure it out yourself. You may have to create your own system.

The best exercise to improve imagination is to make more and more memory palaces and practice. you have to let out your creative side and think like a child. Put a little effort and just get started once. It would be easier once you have started.

Or if there is too much content and you want to just get with it. Go with ANKI.

Post a sample of the info you are talking about. Maybe other users here have some better idea.

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Chess is also very good training for image thinking. Especially solving chess problems blindly.

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We need to understand the very principle of our memory. Something is remembered only when it is connected from existing knowledge, and mnemonics and visualization only are professional methods to use this principle. Have you played any strategy games? Then remember the material you’ve already read, watch war movies like “Black Hawk down” to get visual images for the word separate unit, etc. In general, in our Russian-speaking countries, mnemonics is also very developed, despite the lack of full-fledged championships. And there are excellent books by Vladimir Kozarenko and other Russian-speaking authors who have made a great contribution to the development of theoretical mnemonics. So in one of these books it was advised to acquire steel images not only for maps and numbers. And for the names and scientific terms of the profession in which you want to fully apply your skills. So, I had an association with the American Humvee when you talked about seperate units. In many cases, it is precisely such combat units that play the role of individual sabotage groups. If you want to translate the word “can be used” into the image, the joystick or something that would indicate accessibility. In mnemonics, it is important to find associations between objects that are completely different at first glance. And what I will tell you is that this is not some exceptional gift. This is a skill that you need to develop by your own efforts. How long have you been using mnemonics, how do you train hard? Make it a rule to remember random words, abstract images, numbers, and cards every day. Mnemonic learning a new language develops the skill of coding information. Also use visualization, presenting data from the book as image examples. You have obvious problems with data encoding. You must understand that this is one of the basic skills that cannot be trained in a day or two. Remember: “Only perfect practice makes us perfect.”

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Roger. I get the point. Training for it it’s the only way to progress then I guess… Thanks

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