Can anyone give me tips to speed up typing speed?

i need to improve my typing speed please help me​:blush::blush:

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Sorry typing mistake :smile_cat:

Its just mechanics. If you can’t touch type that’s your first goal.

Try not to look at the keyboard.

If you could then start practicing hitting two keys together really fast as you type a word:

Ba - na - na

Become used to do this and you’ll get faster, once you reach 110+ wpm you need to do this practice but even faster.



Qhat is your typing speed, and do you touch type or what ?
This site is good: Typing Test English -

My typing speed was also not that good few months back, and I watched Ali Abdaal’s video on typing fast so after that I started to type using my 10 fingers by looking on the keyboard initial process were hard but I practiced about 15 min when ever I was on laptop (I pinned the 10fastfinger website in browser). So after few days after knowing the how to move my 10 fingers then I tried practicing without looking on the keyboard.

During initial process when learning to use 10 fingers and learning to practice without looking on the keyboard focus on accuracy later after few weeks then you can try going faster without much thinking about accuracy.

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I use monkeytype a lot for speed because it has no punctuation so its easy for raw speed, a similar site is called ten fast fingers which uses random common words in whatever language you choose.

keybr helps you with different key combinations that aren’t full words but common parts of them that are paired together a lot like ing,ent,etc.

try typeracer and nitrotype for speed challenges racing other people does give an incentive to type fast

Lastly and most importantly if you don’t even know how to touch type like I didn’t up until like a year ago, head to typingclub and do the typing jungle course, it’s a free course that starts from zero.

All these sites are free by the way so don’t worry, some do have premium versions you can choose but these really aren’t necessary to get use out of them, just remember to make an free account to track your progress.

You don’t have to use all or most of these, you’ll improve massively through any practice but give them all a go and see which ones you prefer, good luck.

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Thanks :relaxed:

No need my friend there are speech to text programs that can do that for you . However if you insist on typing there are systems that court recorders use to track of all information for court records.

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stenotype machines are used to speed up typing, it’s the fastest machine used to type

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Thanks :blush:

there are more valuable skills to learn like time management, learning a physical exercise cooking
learning how to type faster really doesn’t increase the quality of your life
nor does it increase your mental skills needed in todays age
a better skill to learn is learning mental maths ,giving better presentations ,learning how to invest ,writing in short hand etc

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Actually I don’t think mental math could offer much more benefit than typing by utilitarian standard… It’s also pretty much brainless and effortless on a certain level