Books on creating puzzles? Or, creating codes?

Hi !

I’m interested in the history of how puzzles of all kinds are created. And I’m not talking about jigsaw puzzles!

I tried to find books and articles on men and women who create puzzles. But so far, I haven’t found much information. Do you know much about this topic?

It would be interesting to read about the history of creating puzzles as well as the personalities behind them. Also, we have come across code-breakers during World War II, for example. But how about those who created those codes!

I look forward to hearing from you .


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I would start with Martin Gardner.

When it comes to code breaking, you will quickly move to cryptology, steganography, etc.

Hi Kinma :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for that information. I’ll check out Martin Gardner.

And terms such as the ones you cited above should lead me to more answers.

Yes, but also things start to become increasingly difficult.

For some reason, there are huge differences between the earliest puzzle compendium “Sam Loyds Cyclopedia”, the first world puzzle championship book and the content found in newer competitions. Instead of puzzles which require you to guess and try, much more focus seems to be laid on logical ways trough puzzles.

I`m still wondering how that puzzle thing developped over decades…

Sam Loyd falsely claimed to have invented the classic 15 slider puzzle.

Henry dudeney puzzles are also recommended