Book Recommendation for literal memorization

I’ve just finished Moonwalking with Einstein and I’m a little lost on were to continue for literal memorization of prose texts.

I’m between “The art of memory from” Yates, which I’ve seen recommended in the forum and " The new art of memory, founded upon the principles taught by M. Gregor von Feinaigle: and applied to chronology, history, geography, languages, systematic tables, poetry, prose, and arithmetic" but it’s from 1800-ish.

Or any other I’m not aware of. Any recommendations?


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This page has a list of generally recommended books: What Are the Best Memory Books to Read?

There’s a longer reading list in the blog.

If you haven’t seen them yet, you can also download our free ebook and some more free PDF books on memory training.

Yates’ book is great for a history of memory techniques in European culture. She doesn’t describe how to use the techniques though.

There are some links on this page that might be useful: How Do I Memorize a Book?

Thanks, got the ebook but haven’t started it. I’ll take a look at everything.